Category: alternative-energy

Candles: Lowest Cost Per Hour

Ever wondered what it costs to burn a candle and/or the least expensive per-hour to burn? Here’s some info which may help you to determine what may be best for you while considering diversification of your preparedness preps to include a quantity of candles for light after ‘grid-down’. While there …

Alternative Energy Battery Type 101

Many of the batteries used in alternative-energy ‘off-grid’ solar powered systems are Lead-Acid type batteries. Even after over a century of use, they still offer the best price to power ratio. ALL of the batteries commonly used in deep cycle applications are Lead-Acid. This includes the standard flooded (wet) batteries, …

Wind Power for your House, Home, Retreat

Wind power may be a good choice (for some), when considering alternative energy sources for either emergency preparedness or simply part-time power. Some parts of the country (world) are much windier than others, with steady breezes just waiting to be harnessed.
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