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What Are Your Hobbies -Interests?

A bit off subject for prepping and preparedness, but it might be fun… Many of us have a hobby (or more than one) that we enjoy as a personal interest, for enjoyment, maybe to get our mind off the crazy world that we live in. Sometimes we need our “down …

The 2017 TV Series – Hunted

I recently finished watching the last episode of the CBS TV series, ‘HUNTED’. The show was a contest to discover if any within a group of 9 duo teams could stay undiscovered by a team within .gov who were chasing them. The various teams being hunted (comprised of two people …

Ready Made Resources Walk-In Store: Tennessee

(Ready Made Resources, walk-in store) I just wanted to point out that (Robert Griswold) has a walk-in store on their homestead over in Tellico Plains, Tennessee. He welcomes you to come on over and see their homestead working as well as shop… Here’s a bit more information: