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Huge Sunspot Unleashes Major X9 Solar Flare

Strongest in a decade, a major solar flare from the very active sunspot AR2673 ripped out of the sun on September 6 1202 UT. X-rays and UV radiation from the blast ionized the top of Earth’s atmosphere, causing a strong shortwave radio blackout on the dayside of our planet. The …

Stunning Simulation Video Of Asteroid Belt

The following asteroid belt visualization shows just how surrounded we are on planet Earth — in the middle of an asteroid shooting gallery… Most asteroids come from a region in space between the planets Mars and Jupiter called the asteroid belt – a place loaded with irregular shaped objects ranging …

HUGE Coronal Hole On The Sun

Source: Atmospheric Imaging Assembly, There is suddenly a HUGE hole in the Sun’s atmosphere as shown in the image displayed above from the ‘Atmospheric Imaging Assembly’ (AIA) for the ‘Solar Dynamics Observatory’ (SDO). A larger image can be seen below of this apparently unusual event (given it’s size).

‘Extreme’ Solar Storm Hurling Towards Earth

Solar Storm Warning. It will be a direct hit. A pair of CME’s (coronal mass ejection) is headed directly towards Earth. The two CME’s (storm clouds of superheated solar plasma) are the result of of giant magnetic explosions on the sun Sept. 9th and 10th from sunspot AR2158. X-class.

Pitch Black And The Next Carrington Event

The next ‘Carrington event’ will likely plunge much of the world into pitch black as the power grids fail — in turn wiping out much of modern humanity. The catastrophic scenario is not science fiction. Apparently, there is a one in eight chance that it could happen within 10 years…