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Modern Survival Blog Surpasses 30 Million Visitors

September 28, 2016, by Ken Jorgustin


I recently happened to check our ‘Google Analytics’ statistics to discover that ModernSurvivalBlog.com has just passed the 30 million visitor mark. Wow…

Thanks to you and all those who have happened across this site by way of relevant internet searches, links from others, etc., we’ve crossed a significant milestone.

While it’s just a number, it’s a big one! So I figured that I would toot my own horn 😉

The site has gone through steady growth since I launched it early in 2010. For the most part I’ve managed to post nearly every day and we now have many thousands of regular daily readers to the home page (most of them ‘lurkers’ 😉 ) and many thousands more each day land on one of our articles from a ‘Google’ search on one thing or another.

I feel that a great value to the site is and has been all of your comments – of which there are tens of thousands… There’s lots of great opinion and advice tucked away among the thousands of articles that have been written. Thanks for that…

When I started this blog, the survival & preparedness niche was fairly small compared to today’s field of seemingly a zillion sites. One of the reasons that I stuck with it for so long is the conviction that I have that today’s risks are exceedingly great, and I feel compelled to blog about it (and other subjects).

To an extent, preparedness is not as ‘odd’ as it was perceived a number of years ago. Even the ‘rich and famous’ are now building ‘bug out’ destinations as many of them also know that we’re on a razor edge of civility in our over-leveraged world of massive debt, political disruption, and a rebelling population. The systemic risks to our survival are enormous.

Preparedness is more important today than ever, and I hope that you will continue to visit ModernSurvivalBlog.com as we make our way through this (very) uncertain world.