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What Are Your Favorite Alternative News & Information Sources – Websites?

April 28, 2016, by Ken Jorgustin


Having recently posted the article, The Mainstream Mass Media versus Alternative News,
I thought that it would be a good idea to renew / update the following original article on favorite alternative news and/or informational websites and other sources beyond the mainstream mass media (originally posted during 2014).

So lets here from you in the comment section below and I’ll update the list of your original recommendations by adding in your new and current choices (at least those sources that get at least two or more recommendations).

With that said, the following is the original text:


Many of you are skeptical of the mainstream news (e.g. alphabet channels) and their choice of what they deem important or relevant to ‘feed’ us each day – along with their subtle ‘slant’ on how we should ‘think’ about it.

Instead, many of you augment and diversify your sources of news and information with ‘alternative news’ sources – with the logical thought that you will then better discern what may be important or relevant to YOU.

So – knowing that most of you probably have a healthy set of bookmarks of your ‘go-to’ alternative news websites, I, and I’m sure others, are curious to know where you browse to get your ‘news’ and information diversification…

To clarify, this is not necessarily your list of ‘preparedness’ type websites – but the sites which cover some or all alternative news and information, where you regularly ‘go-to’ for what’s happening in the world…

As more people comment and provide their recommendations, it should help others who perhaps will find new website sources of news and information which they may not have discovered yet.

We did a poll back in JUN/2013 where we asked “What is your confidence level in main-stream News Institutions?”, and the results were as follows:

53% had ZERO confidence in mainstream news institutions.
97% had only 30% or less confidence in mainstream news.

What does that tell us?
You tell me…

UPDATE (10/23/14) Based on suggestions so far, the following have at least 2 votes or more.

Note: Although we’re not really an alternative news site in the traditional sense, I suppose that we on occasion do put out alternative news – although primarily focused on the many aspects of preparedness and risk-awareness, so thanks to those who did recommend us 😉

Mark Levin

(Keep on adding your input below…)

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