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2014 Election Day

November 3, 2014, by Ken Jorgustin


Today is voting day. Election Day. November 4, 2014.


This country is on a collision course with disaster.

If you are one of the many who have been quite upset over the direction our nation is taking, the liberties which are being stripped away from us, the gargantuan bloated size of government – then now is your time to act.

Even if you have given up on the current two-party system (D’s and R’s) who are in many ways part of the same two-headed monster – you must realize the lesser of two evils.

This may be your last chance. Many feel that it is.

I am neither a ‘D’ or an ‘R’. I am an independent thinker. I belong to no party. My party doesn’t actually exist yet. Maybe it would be called the Nationalist Party – some combination of Libertarian, Tea Party, and Conservatism, along with the compassion (where it is truly deserved) of the once traditional Democrat (which no longer exists and is now ‘progressive’ and socialist) – with a focus on the Constitution and on smaller, less intrusive, less expensive government – while enabling more local jurisdiction governance by local communities and towns themselves, and less ‘across-the-board’ ‘one size fits all’ federal regulations and control everywhere they can. But I digress…

Having said that, there is no perfect candidate or political ‘party’ for most of us. Therefore we must do what must me done. We must at least vote for the lesser of two evils – so that the worst case scenario does not happen.

Let’s do what we can to change it.
Before it’s too late.