40,000 New Laws For 2012


How many laws can you remember and keep straight in your head so as to assure yourself that you will not break any? How about 40,000? That’s just the number of new laws enacted in the United States for 2012 alone!

Your politicians are busy at work increasing the tangled web of laws, some of which (many of which?) arguably continue to tie the hands or snare the doings of Americans who are just trying to do the right thing.

One wonders how many laws we need in order to maintain justice and a civilized society. There was a time when most of us simply knew right from wrong. It was in our gut – we just knew. Nowadays things that may seem innocent enough may actually be breaking a new law.

If carried out to the extreme, the endless or infinite number of new laws of ‘good intentions’ from politicians and groups who wish to save us from ourselves, the net sum of which would effectively make us slaves, simply being led around by the nose and told what to do from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to sleep, following a strict set of do’s and dont’s.

How many laws are there in the United States? You will not find an answer. There is no single repository and there are simply too many to know.

The laws that we do have are tedious, overly complex and sometimes not only impossible to understand, but impossible to comply with. Our elected officials pass laws in fits of whimsy, responding to the latest scare headlines, demands from interest groups or data from polling firms. Rarely entering into the debate are common-sense-reasoning, freedom, or constitutional authority.

The ‘pocket edition’ of the federal criminal code is 1,400 pages! The Federal Registry, which records all of the regulations the federal government imposes on businesses exceeds 75,000 pages. The U.S. tax code is 72,000 pages! And that’s just for starters!

America, the land of the free? Really? We’ve simply been trained to follow a general path of life directed by the powers-that-be who themselves built the system that is around us, designed to constrain us and slave us with debt, and to pay interest on that debt, while the system itself distracts us from that reality with movie-star fluff, the Entertainment channel, and other such trivial BS.

Nothing against life’s entertainment outlets, it’s just the mainstream emphasis thereof, rather than a sharper focus on the more important issues that we are facing as a people and a nation.

Don’t worry though, from cradle to grave, the government will soon control all aspects of our lives. But hey… we’re a free people, right?


How can we stop the progression of bigger government, more and more laws, and increasing enslavement? If it’s not too late already, we can fight back by not supporting the existing power structure. Vote for those who are genuinely for smaller government and more personal freedom and responsibility. The tough thing is though, people like that are few and far between. They seldom rise to the top because the system spews them out well before they get there.


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