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All Hell Breaks Loose Day

October 24, 2013, by Ken Jorgustin


Could this happen here on November 1st?

The Department of Homeland Security says yes it can…

…and they are spending 80 million dollars on armed guards in preparation for it…

According to a FOX report by Neil Cavuto, “November 1st could be a very very iffy kind of a day… this could be all-hell-breaks-loose day.”

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is spending $80 million on armed guards to batten cities down, and to protect the IRS and other buildings in cities like New York… not from terrorist threats, but from American citizens, because on November 1st the food stamp program is set to start decreasing, and they are worried that violence will ensue.

We are on a slow march to becoming Greece. What this says more than anything is when you have nearly 50 million Americans on food stamps (while 100 million Americans are receiving some type of food assistance, a third of the country)… you have a situation where what government gives to you, government can take away. So will there be hell to pay?

When entitlements are threatened, violence becomes a concern.

Apparently some food stamp benefits are being rearranged and reduced slightly beginning November 1st.

There are 97 million private workers in the U.S. and 101 million receiving food aid.

While the food stamp reductions apparently are not major, it seems that the DHS thinks it’s enough to potentially invoke problems, enough to spend $80M on security.

OR, is there something else going on??

We shall see. Thought you would like to know…