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Train Wreck: Approval Of Congress Plummets To New Low

October 29, 2013, by Ken Jorgustin


Approval of Congress has plummeted to a new 25-year low, and Americans say they are ready to throw (the bums) out of office according to the latest Washington Post News poll.

The question is… what are YOU going to do about it?

The survey revealed a deep scorn among Americans for how they view their representatives in Washington.

85 percent disapprove of the job Congress is doing!
…the worst rating in Washington Post polls since 1989.

Nearly 8 of 10 Americans (a record 78 percent), say they are dissatisfied with the way the national political system is working.

32 percent of respondents are downright angry at the way the government is working, a 21-year record high in anger directed at the federal bureaucracy in Washington.

Will there be an impact in next year’s midterm elections?

Only 25 percent of registered voters now say they are inclined to re-elect their representative in Congress, the highest level of anti- sentiment since 1989.

While some say that it may already be too late, this country is at a crossroads. The question is, are Americans going to do anything about it, or are they going to be complacent in their complaining…

This train wreck has been happening in slow motion as it has come off the rails, but now it appears to be picking up speed as the cars begin to jack-knife…

If you need any fiscal reminders, here’s one…

Any suggestions to fix this?
Seriously, can this be fixed??

Washington Post-ABC News Poll