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Beware of November 6 or 11 or 14?

November 5, 2010, by Ken Jorgustin



There has been a lot of building momentum regarding a major tipping point occurring next week, more specifically sometime between 5 Nov (today) and 14 Nov.

In fact, one site (Half Past Human) that has a sophisticated web bot project which predicts changes based on the tone of language that its web spiders collect on the internet, predicts major disruption many orders of magnitude worse than 9/11 in the upcoming days, culminating 14-Nov at 6:50AM (Pacific Time). The project had apparently predicted 9/11, market crash events, and others.

Some have pointed out the fact that if you take tomorrows date, 11/6 and turn it upside down you get 9/11 (an obvious significant date).

If you take the date sequence 10-11-6 (meaning November 6, 2010) and flip it upside down, it becomes 9-11-01 (September 11, 2001). Read the Glen Beck interview with a numerologist who points out some interesting observations.

I am sensing more and more urgency while reading current event updates on many various alternative news sites.

The recent announcement of “Quantitative Easing” from the Federal Reserve (a private organization by the way – not a government org) that they will be buying 600 billion (or more?) in Treasurys at the risk of collapsing the dollar, has alarmed many. Dollar at Risk of Collapsing

China is vocally upset since this will devalue their return on all of the US dollar debt that they currently own. US Dollar printing is Huge Risk – China

Brazil fires a shot in an impending Currency War. Brazil ready to retaliate for US move in Currency War

Several alternative stories from BeforeItsNews.com are dripping with conspiracy regarding among other things, that Obama has left the country with nearly his entire staff and thousands of support personnel while being supported by 34 warships including the Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier Stike Group 9 and 40 aircraft…, there are warnings to stay out of major cities this weekend, and to be wary of November 6.

So what is going on? Is this all coincidental and/or conspiracy? Could there be some sort of impending false flag event on the horizon?

There does seem to be quite a bit of increasing unrest and alarm though, and I might be sure to fill my gas tank tonight…

As bizarre as this may look, watch through the following 10 minute video. Interesting…

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