By Any Means Necessary?

Warning: Conspiracy Content – may provoke unexpected emotional response – reader caution advised

‘Some’ believe that ‘they’ need a 2nd term of ‘their man’ in the WH to finish the implementation plan. ‘Some’ are those who stretch their high level thinking into the realm well outside of day-to-day life, that of conspiracy – namely ‘Agenda 21’. ‘They’ are the puppet masters of the NWO and Agenda 21, and ‘their man’ is Kenyan-born? Obama.

“The country – the United  States, is under siege.  It has been going on for a long time.  Decades of planning.  And now the planning stage is being transitioned into the implementation stage.  Right now.  It’s happening now.”

“And you are absolutely convinced of that?  It’s happening now – the election of Barack Obama was the signal?  Implementation of this globalization plan commenced at that time?  Fully commenced?  Right?”

“Yes sir.”

Quotes are from the Ulsterman Report, a July 19 article/interview with an apparent Military Insider.

The Agenda 21 thing… this whole globalization concept… Sound crazy? That’s how it’s intended.  Do that which you intend, and if any oppose that which you intend…mock them into submission while continuing on with your work.  Call it outlandish, crazy, ridiculous, preposterous, all the while – continue doing the very thing they accuse of.

We have all experienced and have been affected by the globalization of nearly everything around us. Many of us also know that the world’s financial systems are now stressed beyond theoretical breaking points. Many feel that something terrible is coming because most of us instinctively know that when ‘things’ have gone too far – when we’ve been ‘bad’ for too long without repercussion, that punishment will come. Even though many of us have not been involved with the bad behavior of the majority, we know that we are all going to pay the price together, because that’s how it works.

Has the system been purposely manipulated by the global elite to bring us to this apparent tipping point in history? Many think yes, and many believe it is all part of the Agenda 21 plan for world domination (look it up).

Sovereignty, personal freedom, and liberty have been eroded away a step at a time, year after year, law after law, executive order after order, much of it under the pretense of security for the people. Rationalization for the erosion has been enabled through the fear of the majority by events that some say have been ‘allowed’ to happen – orchestrated to accomplish the goals of the NWO elite.

Some believe that America is now weakened enough, that is, there is now an obvious and sufficient majority of willing and dumbed-down ‘useful idiots’ to enable a more damaging tear down of the Constitutional Rights clearly spelled out during the country’s founding moments. Most of them completely unknown to said majority today – not having been properly taught – or having been sufficiently distracted by ‘the system’ for them to know any better.

Given the extraordinary willingness of Americans to submit under the perceived authority of the DHS (brown shirts) and other sub-agencies, to be led willingly through the choke points of surveillance-suspicion and search, it is the new normal. As Americans are now willing to give it all up, ‘they’ (those in control) smell blood in the water. If ever there were a time to end America as we know (knew) it, now is the time.

Some say all that is needed is one BIG event to cower the already cowardice to beg for their safety and protection. The final nail. A False Flag event. An event or events so alarming that they will willingly give up their remaining freedoms to do what they are told or be expelled from the system. Given the precariousness of the global financial system, a False Flag event will likely finish it as we know it today. Even though the signs have been there for years, most people will be shocked and will not have prepared. They will be desperate for a government to save and protect them.

This will be the ultimate opportunity presented to the NWO elite to fully implement their plan of global domination and control. Once they have America, which some say is through another Obama 2nd term (can any politician be trusted regardless of party?) the rest of the west will have already followed or be quickly behind falling in line with the global domination end game. How does China and Russia fit into all this? Some say they may be part of it all, while others say WWIII.


Some believe that one perfect False Flag opportunity will be something to do with the Games of the XXX Olympiad in London which opens July 27.

How about this one… Beyond the imaginable ‘unimaginable’ horrible events that could transpire, the DailyMail UK on June 7 reported that ‘the government must – and has planned – for the worst-case scenario: alien attack and alien invasion’. Really? Apparently yes.

How about this one… This year, the Jewish ‘9th of Av’, a significant date and day of mourning during which many Jewish tragedies occurred – like the American ‘9/11’ – is July 27, 2012.  The Jewish 1st Temple was destroyed, then the 2nd Temple (same date), on and on… (look it up if you’re interested). Some say that this date being the same as the start of the 2012 Summer Olympics may be no coincidence.

If you have ever thought outside-the-box, so to speak, the process WILL trigger lots and lots of questions and possibilities. Some of the outcome from thinking this way WILL appear to be ‘crazy’ to some – those with no open mind. The fact is, it is healthy to think beyond your normal imagination, so long as you’re not obsessed with it, as is true for nearly anything else. In moderation, yes? Balance.

What if?

If something really horrible were to happen, be it an orchestrated False Flag event or other, would you be prepared? How long could you make it on your own before you would have to turn to ‘the system’ for help, supplies or protection? Have you even thought about it? Are you ready? We live in uncertain times.


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