California Legislators in Maui! In Your Face!



Last night as I was watching the local news, I nearly fell out of my chair while hearing a report that California legislators – lawmakers are on an expense paid trip this week in Maui at the very posh resort, Fairmont Kea Lani while lobbyists wine and dine them at two conferences as they discuss the 25 billion dollar California deficit!

Seriously, this stuff makes my blood boil, especially during today’s hard economic times with so many people out of work and making do with less. Shouting at the TV while listening to the report of legislature sheer arrogance and disdain for the voter, didn’t do any good except to vent a bit of frustration. I am simply astounded at the in-your-face attitude and actions of the California legislators – lawmakers and government.

cocktail meetings at poolside helps blur the deficit problem:

Evidently Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger called the Maui conferences to rub shoulders with lobbyists and interest groups to discuss government reform and the deficit. Now lets think about this for half a second… why would the California governor and legislators need the advice of lobbyists and interest groups to bring about reform ideas. Hmmmm, wait, I think I’ve got it… money talks!

Yes, we can be assured that deals are being made and laws are being crafted so as to benefit the groups that are reportedly there with them (pharmaceutical companies, the Correctional Peace Officers Association – prison guard union, Pacific Gas and Electric Co, and others), while the taxpayer will surely continue to get screwed.

posh, comfy resort rooms assure lobbyists will sway lawmakers:

But wait, there’s more… they couldn’t hold the conferences on just one Hawaiian Island, they had to island hop between Maui and Kauai. I guess the view gets boring after a few days and they needed a switch.

pool time helps these legislators relax, clear their minds before strategy sessions:

The reason I posted on this subject, being a local issue to the state of California, is that I am sure this is just a microcosm of the attitude and actions of other government bodies around the USA and the entire world.

It’s all about the money, and who pays the most for access to those that make the rules and laws. The rest of us are here only to be served for a short time while leading up to an election to keep these bums in office. Once re-elected, it’s all about the money groups.

The middle class is disappearing. The middle class is getting entirely squashed, screwed, stomped on, fleeced, and destroyed, while the big boys laugh, party, and carry on.

I wish that we could all arrange a day and time when we open our windows, stick our heads out, and shout in unison, “I’m not going to take it anymore!”

An article from the Sacramento Bee explains the screwing in a bit more detail here.

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