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Drones Are Crashing, Your Tax Dollars Are Burning

June 11, 2012, by Ken Jorgustin

Given the recent ‘close calls’ (Denver rings a bell) and today’s drone crash in Maryland, imagine what it may be like once the FAA has fully implemented their coordinated plan with the military to fill the American skies with drones within the next few years? Today’s drone crash smashed into a tributary near Nanticoke, Maryland, sending smoke billowing and seen for miles.


By the way, that cost YOU and ME, $178,000,000.00! That’s right, 178 Million dollars for that thing. Oh, by the way, that money that you and I spend for these drones? You are very generous… they plan to use this to spy on you. At least that’s what the current powers-that-be want to happen…

Where’s the outrage? If this drone had crashed into a school, apartment building, or a WalMart instead of a marsh bog, would people then be outraged?

An unmanned Navy surveillance aircraft (a RQ-4A Global Hawk drone) crashed into a marsh in southern Maryland on Monday. Officials said that the Global Hawk, a high-altitude drone aircraft that normally carries sophisticated cameras and sensors, was on a test mission from the Naval Air Station Patuxent River, about 65 miles southeast of Washington, when the ground pilot lost control of the plane. The drone can fly for 30 hours without refueling at altitudes as high as 11 miles. It is typically used for reconnaissance.

Have you heard that the Department of Homeland Security is working with Microsoft to develop face recognition software that could be used with imagery from drones as well as other ground-based cameras? Folks, it won’t be long and ‘they’ will truly be able to track your every single move. They already can do this based on many other things including your credit and debit cards, your cell phones, your computers, your vehicle’s GPS, not even to mention how the NSA scours data transmissions including your voice phone calls, your text messaging, your social network comments, your emails…

Can you say, SkyNet??