Fat, Dumb, and Happy


You’ve likely heard the phrase before, Got to keep the masses “fat, dumb, and happy”. That way we’re all easier to control. Right?

The quote comes from a Modern Survival Blog reader email who hits the nail on the head. In order to successfully keep the crooked and perhaps criminal ‘game’ going, the majority of the public must be kept in ‘check’. That is, fed well, and distracted and busy so that there is not enough time for the reality of the situation to take root. A reality that may be troublesome for the powers-that-be.

Who am I referring to? I’ll let you figure that out…

Lets face it. The typical life of the ‘working’ American is so busy, pressured, and all-time-consuming, that there really is very little time (none if you let it) to really examine what is going on in the world around you – locally, nationally, and worldwide. Additionally, and unfortunately many people just plain aren’t interested to know anyway.

The system is plainly rigged to keep us fat, dumb, and happy. Not that the combination of afflictions is such a terrible thing, being happy of course is quite a good thing. It’s all about the definitions.

Thick, Large, Puffed up, Yielding plenty, Having an abundance or amplitude.
Being overly fat is of course, not too healthy. However, the powers-that-be wish to keep you plenty full, both with food and the metaphorical. This will keep the complaints to a minimum and lower the likelihood of challenge.

Lacking the power of speech, Lacking intellectual acuity, Not expressed.
Ignorance and the absence of the learned process of thinking for one’s self will lead towards a noticeable lack of speech. More specifically, speech that may be considered powerful or listened to by those with power.

Enjoying, showing, or marked by pleasure, satisfaction, or joy.
The happier the people are, the less likely they will demand change. Unfortunately, the PTB have re-defined happiness for many people by way of clever marketing and advertising. Most have fallen for it.

The ‘trick’ has been to draw the majority into debt, which in turn slaves them to the system – forever ‘working’, paying into the system, and at the mercy of their employers – who themselves know it, and often take full advantage of it.

When you owe someone money, or, when someone is giving you money, you are instinctively beholden to them to a degree. Most people know not to bite the hand that feeds them. The PTB knows this too, and therein lies much of their power.

If most people were not debt laden, I would speculate that we would be living in a different country, with different politics.

The first and most important step for anyone while attempting to free themselves, is to get out of debt. Don’t accept the notion of fat, dumb, and happy… instead, fight back and free yourself from the system that enslaves you!

End of Message

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