Gerald Celente, 2011 WakeUp Call, Game Over



It’s always amusing to watch the discrediting smirks that a main stream media talking-head will attach to their face when introducing or interviewing with others who don’t espouse to their point of view, particularly those who’s viewpoints are well outside that of the ‘establishment’.

Gerald Celente is one of those who is considered ‘out there’ by most in the main stream media, while some happen to enjoy his sarcasm and bold points of view. He’s one of those that you either like, or love to hate.

At the core of many of his statements, one could argue that there appears to be sound logic, reflecting serious and often grimĀ  matters that are transpiring in plain site, but seemingly transparent to many of the masses who have apparently been blinded to these matters, by what some may say is main-stream brainwashing.

Listening to his accented dire predictions and warnings (not all of which are dire) can be somewhat shocking to a first-timer. The reaction however is often accompanied by a ‘ring of truth’, uncomfortable truths, in tune with something in us that keeps us coming back for more.

You may not agree with all he has to say (after all, anyone who agrees 100 percent with someone else is probably not being honest with themselves), but it is somehow refreshing to hear someone with such opposing views to the repeated mantra that we all regularly get on the TV alphabet channels (you ever notice how each alphabet channel recites almost identical scripts when switching between them during the 6 o-clock news?).

If you dare, here are a few recent short video interviews with Gerald Celente, CEO and founder of Trends Research Institute.

Gerald Celente, Crime Wave 2011

Your growth industries are the gangs
Crackdown on crime will lead to crackdown on liberties
Drones flying over your city looking in windows
The more government loses control, the harder they crack down

Gerald Celente, Internet Nuke Bomb waiting to go off

Every citizen in 2011 will realize that we are in the ‘greatest depression’
In 2011, the game’s gonna run out
Digital money, not worth the paper it’s not printed on
The youth of the world have mountains of debt to climb, and no way to get to the top
The greatest fear that governments have is freedom of speech

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