Gerald Celente at his most passionate ever!


Gerald Celente, of Trends Research Journal, is a man who speaks his mind, and has been accurate about many world changing trends over the years. He’s the kind of guy you either like for his straight-talk, or he may simply be too abrasive for your pallet.

I happen to be one that likes this guy for his conviction, his non-stop message that he’s been repeating for awhile now regarding the desperate shape of our economy and the impending crisis that looms upon us… his ability to see right through the BS of politics – right down to the core of the matter. Over the years I’ve endured my share of BS corporate politics, which is probably partly why I enjoy listening to Celente.

In any event, this recent video ‘rant’ is Gerald at his most passionate that I’ve ever seen him. He’s plain old ‘mad as hell’ in this one, and I thought I would share it…

Gerald Celente 2011

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