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Gerald Celente On Rigged Markets, Gold, Economic Collapse, Ukraine and Russia

May 2, 2014, by Ken Jorgustin


Trends forecaster Gerald Celente of TrendsJournal.com predicts that we may see economic collapse by the end of 2nd-quarter 2014 (by month end, June).

While even Celente admits that he (and we) don’t know what other tricks are up the sleeve of the FED (are there any left?), he sees a coming impending collapse.

While predictions are often incorrect in their timing or accuracy, just like the Titanic the enormous ship America and it’s petro-dollar currency is not sustainable and is doomed to fail.

China and Russia have become ‘friends’ along with 90+ other nations allying with the BRICS and their alternative economic trade agreements and mechanisms in the works (without the need or requirement for the US dollar as an intermediary).

Russia at one time was a large holder of United States debt, but they have been dumping US treasury bills and bonds while China and others have also reduced their ‘buying’ of US debt.

They (and many of us) know that to a great extent the markets have become rigged along with ‘the numbers’ that the government feeds us about nearly everything — an illusion and perception game to keep the ponzi scheme from collapsing.

The only thing holding the entire Western economic system up is the global reliance on the dollar. When that stops…

Currency wars lead to World Wars. But I digress.

Here’s 8-minutes of Gerald Celente regarding the latest predictions…

Video link