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In the US, both political parties are often indistinguishable. Democrat or Republican these days, could be renamed to Democans and Republicrats. They’re basically one in the same, with ‘most’ of them primarily concerned about feathering their own nests. The ‘feathers’ come from big business, private-corporate interests, lobbyists, and their crony political networks consisting of wheeling-and-dealing all the way from the top to the streets at the bottom. Some say it’s a corrupt system at best, and for the most part, the best interests of you and I, the little guy, are only factored into the equation superficially and when the time is convenient, while most people are ‘snowed over’ and fall for it hook-line-and-sinker.

Whenever I hear new stories about how our congressmen and senators benefit seemingly beyond the ‘normal’, and how they are often ‘above the law’, it just makes my blood boil. Here is a video that I happened across which may raise your hackles…

I certainly have nothing whatsoever against making money, but why else would they spend millions of dollars to get elected, when their official salary is much less than that…

Think about it.

The base salary for a member of Congress is $174,000.

In the House, representatives are allowed to spend more than $900,000 on salaries for up to 18 permanent employees.

They get about a quarter-million dollars for office expenses (Senators apparently get a-lot more, reportedly more than 3 million dollars on average during fiscal 2010).

They get up to 8,200 square feet of office space, just about anywhere they want with no restrictions on how many offices they wish to have.

They get $40,000 worth of furniture through the Architect of the Capitol.

They have access to both a 401K and a pension.

They are eligible for an immediate, full pension at age 62 if they’ve served just five years. They’re eligible at age 50 if they’ve served 20 years and they’re eligible at any time after they’ve served 25 years.

The work week, when they’re not on a break, the Senate has averaged about three working days on Capitol Hill.

They are exempt from the Obamacare program.

…I know there are many, many more – I’ve seen lists in the past – but I got too pissed off while searching for more.

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