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Is ExPatriation The Way For Patriots?

July 21, 2014, by Ken Jorgustin


I have been coming across more and more articles written about those who expatriate (leave the country), or the concept of expatriation – written by either expat’s themselves or by those who apparently long to expatriate from the United States (for sociopolitical reasons).

In the context of leaving the United States due to the quagmire we’re in – and while the notion of moving to a (better?) country or place may seem inviting for some, I generally disagree with the notion. Here’s why…

We all get the country we deserve, so to speak. We get the government that we deserve (local, state, and national). If we’re not happy with the way things are, it is my opinion that one should do something about it (or at least try to) rather than giving up and running away from the problem.

There will be problems EVERYWHERE. Even in other places, other countries, other nationalities, other ways of life. We are all humans and no matter where we live – there will be a approximate same percentage of criminals, sociopaths, psychopaths, corruption, evil-doers, nut-jobs, power-mongers, controllers, crooked politicians, and otherwise — because we’re all of human DNA.

I do not doubt that there are other nationalities, other ‘systems’ which have been ‘programmed’ or trained by their ‘powers-that-be’ to behave socially or ideologically this way or that, and there are certainly a variety of lifestyles which differ based upon their regional or national socioeconomic-political factors, however choosing to expatriate from the United States because of the political and increasingly tyrannical climate and ‘police state’ of life – will not result in any change whatsoever (here in the U.S.).

By leaving the country, those who expatriate are not seeking to change anything within the system where they live now – but instead are simply desiring to ‘exit-stage-right’ and assimilate into another (supposedly better) culture and/or way of life. As I write this, I do realize that there are those who do not wish to buck the system or confront the status quo, or to attempt change within the existing system, but instead would rather leave it behind for another which suits them better (for now – until it changes too).

I suppose that I can understand the desire of some to expatriate if the United States ever descends into complete tyranny – although fighting back is an option under such a situation…

For historical reference, during the American Revolutionary War,

About 20% were (loyalists) to Britain.
About 40% were Patriots.
About 40% were neutral.

If Patriots just gave in, there would be no America.

“These are the times that try men’s souls.”

From a political standpoint, it does seem insurmountable to change anything from a national perspective – more specifically, real change that would swing true representation back to the people. A more effective approach may be to start at the local level and to become more involved with your local government by attending meetings, voicing your opinion, and talking with others about it (instead of keeping it all inside with frustration).

Open your window and shout out, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any more!” (from the film, “Network”, 1976)

If enough people get angry enough, then change can happen. Unfortunately it seems things have to get pretty bad for ‘enough’ people to get angry enough.

If you are really dissatisfied with where you currently live, you might focus on the root of the dissatisfaction. If you can’t change it where you live, we live in a big country and there’s plenty of opportunity to move to another region which may suit you better. Although it’s easier said than done, it is possible if you’re willing to uproot yourself from your current place and make the changes necessary to support yourself in a new place (albeit still in the United States).

Enough rambling…

I’m curious to hear the opinion of others on the subject of expatriation.

Although it’s not in my blood to do so, I’m curious as to the thought-process that others may have on this subject.

Advantages? Disadvantages? Are we so doomed such that the only escape is to flee? Or is the expatriation movement simply a desire to move somewhere where they will be left alone…? Can’t we achieve that liberty here in the United States?