Is The Patriot Movement Being Manipulated?


Guest Post: by Phil from S.Carolina

I think the patriot movement is being manipulated and they don’t even realize it.

I think they need to “cool it” in many ways before it is too late. Let me explain why and what I think people need to do.


It seems likely to me that one of the agendas of those who hate America is to try to get Americans to overthrow their own government.

Corruption in government seems to be the norm now on a lot of levels–whether because good people have fallen asleep or evil people have infiltrated or both. Is it possible that some elite powers have been feeding the corruption for years or decades because they want people to become so disgusted with their government that they revolt? I think it is not only possible, but likely.

The current government should have been peaceably thrown out a long time ago. But there is still time for Americans to insist that those in Washington DC do the right thing. There needs to be a multitude of god-fearing people who rise up and put a stop to the evils in DC without the use of guns.

There are many patriots who are ready at the drop of a hat to take up arms against tyrannical government. There are a lot of hot heads who are ready to fight for liberty. But there are not many who are ready or able to step in and govern in the way that America really needs.

If they succeed, and in the absence of a central government (tyrannical or not),–not to mention the absence of the law of God in people’s hearts restraining them from evil–all kinds of creepy creatures come out of the woodwork. Many places in America would quickly become like the LA riots in 1992 every day all the time.

At the same time I think there would be many places in America that would just thrive because there are many god-fearing people who would rise to the occasion. I can envision whole communities of people banding together to take responsibility for self government on a local level like never before. Perhaps from these there will arise in time some who are able to restore our constitutional republic.

But in the mean time, I wonder if the New World Order folks will try to get their way by encouraging patriots to act out. Imagine what lawlessness and chaos would result in the months following a violent action.

Remember the motto of the illuminati is “Order out of chaos”. Right now there doesn’t appear to be any viable replacement for the central government in Washington DC. In the absence of any meaningful government in DC, the New World Order folks, I’m sure, will be ready to roll out their solution to this crisis. But not until they let things fester for a while.

Remember, this is their mode of operation:

1) create a crisis.

2) wait for people to react and cry out for a solution to the crisis.

3) implement their pre-engineered solution to the crisis that they wanted to implement in the first place.

These are my words of wisdom for the patriot hot-head types who are ready to march off to war without thinking about the aftermath. I think they need to see that they are being played like an instrument. I think they need to see this as a spiritual battle first and foremost. Who is going to rule your life? God or the devil?

Once your own heart and mind are free from the lies and deception of the enemy, you can help to free the hearts and minds of others too. That is what it is going to take to restore America. The problem with America is not Obama. It’s the people who elected him, voter fraud and/or manipulation notwithstanding. The majority of Americans have become corrupt. So how do we fix that?

My advice to all would be the following: repent! Turn back to God.

The reason things are running amok in America is because men have turned away from a life that pleases God. Men have stopped reading and living by the Bible. The reason the government is corrupt is that the people are corrupt too.

One of the founding fathers of America, John Adams, said, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

Source for Adams quotation:

Choose what you want:

1) the law of God in your heart restraining you from evil or

2) the bayonet of tyrannical government restraining you from evil

So I think people in the patriot movement need to slow way down and focus on purity of their own hearts before God. Next they can work to bring their neighbors to God. I think this will produce better long-term results. Rushing off to a hot-head solution will not produce the desired results but instead will backfire.



Ken adds:

I rarely, if ever use, this blog as a platform to allow someone to preach.

I felt though that Phil’s message applies to any and all human beings who understand right from wrong, good from evil, regardless of specific religious beliefs.

…the fact that change for the good comes from good people

…who understand that remaining silent is equivalent to acceptance

…who know that despite anger and frustration towards the powers-that-be, that real change starts from the bottom up

…the grass roots

…get involved

While ‘Big Sis’ Janet wants us to say something if we see something, why don’t we say something to our politicians, even though many of them may already be corrupted by the system which got them there.

Why not try and make a difference yourself… Call your rep? Tell them what you think? Run for local office?

The original intent was to rotate common working folks in and out of office, so why not try for yourself?

It’s easy to throw up your arms in frustration and say that the system is rigged (which it mostly is), but what alternative is there if we do not try to change it peacefully?


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