Main-Stream Slams Hurricane IRENE Preppers


I cannot believe what I just heard from our local CBS main stream news this evening, that those who prepared for hurricane Irene are having ‘buyers remorse’ because the hurricane did not wreak the devastation to require those people to use their supplies that they purchased.

The report claimed that batteries, paper goods, and canned goods purchased before the storm were not needed, and people were wondering what to do with them. They were being urged to donate items like their canned foods to local food banks.

I nearly fell out of my chair with disbelief while hearing the words read from a teleprompter from the news anchor, who either has no regard for the words she was reading, or truly believes that people are that stupid to believe that if you purchase ‘extra’ food or batteries or ‘paper goods’, that they will somehow ‘go bad’ before you would otherwise use them, all the while insinuating that preparing may be considered an irresponsible or ‘bad thing’. I simply could not believe my ears.

So, apparently, this news anchor has no clue that canned foods will last a good year (or more).

So, apparently, this news anchor has no clue that ‘paper goods’ really don’t go bad.

So, apparently, this news anchor has no clue that extra batteries won’t go dead in a week…

I was astounded to hear what seemed to me to be a blatant message that those who prepare will only end up with spoiling goods and money spent unwisely. Wow. Not that I had much respect for alphabet channel news in the first place, but my goodness, what idiocy. Either I”m living in a world turned upside down, or we’ve crossed a tipping point where the majority of folks out there ‘don’t think’ and cannot reason through such simple things…



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