Marine Landing Force, Ismailia Egypt


Based on the fact that the USS Kearsarge Expeditionary Strike Group has sped it’s way into the Suez canal, and is now waiting in Suez Canal’s ‘Great Bitter Lake’ nearby Ismailia Egypt, is telling in that it’s specific function is to carry Marine’s and equipment designed for beach landing and land deployment operations.

While the situation in Egypt continues to broil, a recent surge of anti-Mubarak protests and violence is again threatening the overthrow and coup of the Mubarak regime.

“A fresh surge of popular anti-Mubarak protest ripping across Egypt Tuesday, Feb. 8 has brought the country closer to a military coup to stem the anarchy than at any time since the street caught fire on Jan. 25.” reports

They go on to say, “The biggest Arab country with a population of 82 million is on the verge of breakdown as large sections of it’s economic machinery are shut down by spreading strikes and workers’ revolts against managements appointed by the Mubarak regime and Vice President Omar’s Suleiman’s leadership.”

According to, “Washington has apparently shifted its stance on Egypt in recent days, with U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaking of supporting the Egyptian government to ensure a quick and orderly power transition.”

In a phone conversation with King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia over Egypt unrest on Wednesday, U.S. President Barack Obama called for “immediate steps toward an orderly transition” in the most populous nation of the Arab world.

The question is, what are the intentions of the U.S. government and military, given that thousands of Marines are now offshore and could amphibiously launch at a moments notice…

Could this be a combat operation?

Or is it a non-combat operation, to pull out and evacuate certain people should it become necessary?

More than ever, the Middle East is a dangerous powder-keg, where just like in a chess game, any move of a game piece could suddenly and expectantly result in ‘game over’, or in this case, could light the fuse.

The USS KEARSARGE’s principal mission is deployment, landing and support of a Marine landing force anywhere in the world.

The USS KEARSARGE’s armament suite includes

  • the NATO Sea Sparrow point defense missile systems
  • the Rolling Airframe Missile (RAM) defense system
  • the PHALANX close-in weapon system
  • 25mm chain guns and Electronic Warfare (EW) protection systems for defense against anti-ship cruise missiles, aircraft and surface vessels.

The USS Kearsarge also lands tanks, trucks, artillery, and the complete logistic support needed to supply an assault.

Update, 10-Feb, from ABC News, “Egypt’s Army Chief of Staff waded into the jubilant crowd of protesters in Egypt’s Tahrir Square today and told them cryptically, “All your demands will be met tonight.” “You will know soon,” the minister said.

Update, 10-Feb, from Reuters, President Hosni Mubarak provoked rage… refused to step down…


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