Newtown CT Massacre

Words cannot describe the tragedy of the Newtown CT massacre. Unfathomable grief for sure by the parents of those children.

Predictably, the gun control advocates are politicizing the tragedy and debate is raging on the internet and elsewhere as people grapple for reasons and future prevention. There are plenty of other websites to delve into the gun control debate, and we won’t do that here as we strongly support the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Having said that, I would like to offer an opinion on a potential underlying issue that may have attributed to this tragic shooting.

Reports are surfacing that Adam Lanza, the murderer, had a “personality disorder”. Someone who knew him apparently said, “If you looked at him, you couldn’t see any emotions going through his head”. There is a distinct possibility that meds may have been involved here, of the Prozac variety often prescribed even to children. There are many studies that caution highly against children taking this type of medication as it may result in suicide or even murder. Unfortunately the drug industry does its best to suppress negative side effects of their drugs and we as individuals need to dig deeper to find the truths.

While the guns involved in the shooting were not Adam’s (they apparently belonged to his mother), and if it comes out that he was on a Prozac type of medication resulting from a “disorder”, then there is room for debate as to how the drug may have been a factor. Currently there are no laws prohibiting gun ownership or possession while on psychoactive drugs such as these.

These mind altering drugs may be way over-prescribed, particularly to children, turning people to ‘flat-minded’ virtual zombies. There is plenty of evidence to be found online regarding the risks and hazards to young people taking these meds. This particular tragic massacre in Newtown CT “might” be another horrible example… We shall see.

In the meantime, lets hope our politicians keep cool heads as this debate heightens.


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