NSA versus the USA


The government seems to have plenty of money for this kind of thing. Total surveillance on all Americans. We are apparently already well beyond Orwell’s “1984”. Ever evolving high-tech gadgets and the Internet have given Big Brother a peep hole into the lives of everyday Americans. Now, without the hassle of planting bugs or breaking and entering, the government can monitor virtually anything it wants.

Everything you do online, everything you text, everything you email, everything you buy, everything you say on the phone, every time you are on the street, there is a record of this that never goes away and can be retrieved by certain government spy agencies.

We have been conditioned since childhood to accept and obey the “men behind the curtain”. We are conditioned to be “sheeple”, with a zombie-like mentality that don’t question the so-called “values” that our so-called “leaders” have set forth into the collective conscience of the human psyche.

This is the opposite of how it should be (tracking citizens). It is the politicians who should be watched and tracked, along with their bank accounts, so we can see who they really work for!

Do any of these movies come to mind? Minority Report, Bladerunner, The Adjustment Bureau! Total Recall, AScanner Darkly, just to name a few…

Oh by the way, the NSA has nearly finished building it’s 2 Billion dollar spy center in Bluffdale, Utah, which is due to be fully operational during 2013. ‘Everything’ you do will route through this facility.


NSA vs USA: Total surveillance zooms-in on Americans (source: RT)


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