One Passenger Quarantines International Flight

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A passenger on a flight from Japan to New Zealand commented to the flight crew of noticing other passengers with flu-like symptoms, sounding the alarm and prompting a quarantine when the flight landed some hours later.

As it turns out, there were approximately 70 Japanese ‘homestay students’ onboard, who became suspected of carrying an ‘unkown’ influenza upon a passenger ‘sounding the alarm’. Once the flight landed, and hours afterward, health authorities boarded the jet and began checking passengers for symptoms and sending groups of people into different locations for evaluation.

“The man running the homestay trip, Stuart Cundy of Let’s Homestay, told ONE News (New Zealand) he understands only a few of the students showed visible flu like symptoms, and from that another passenger raised the alarm.”

New Zealand — A health scare on a flight from Japan to New Zealand appears to be nothing more serious than a seasonal outbreak of influenza.

About 60 passengers traveling on a flight from Tokyo to Auckland arrived Monday morning complaining of flulike symptoms, sparking a swift response from health authorities.

But by midmorning, New Zealand’s Health Minister Tony Ryall put out a statement saying “there’s nothing to suggest it’s anything other than seasonal flu.”

The flight, which arrived at 9:20 a.m., was carrying 274 passengers, who were initially told to stay onboard while crews of medical staff wearing masks assessed their health.

Source: Associated Press


Evidently, a single passenger complaint or judgement of another passengers apparent health, can get a jet airliner quarantined and detained for hours, no matter the qualifications of the person-passenger raising the alarm.

Common sense has been thrown out the window it seems, when it comes to airline travel these days (years). First you stand in line waiting to be interrogated, poked and prodded, scanned, and then herded to your ‘seats’. Then, while being careful what you do or say, don’t even think about sneezing or coughing, else you become suspect of carrying a plague or something… followed by potential quarantine, the result of which will likely get you put on a ‘list’ somewhere.

When I first read the news stories that popped out regarding this incident, it appeared that 25% of the passengers on board suddenly came down with a horrible illness (implying that something sinister had happened). Upon further digging, we find out that it was simply the result of a few kids who were sick, having been pointed out by some panicking passenger. This then results in all the chaos and subsequent untold cost of the disaster response teams, as well as the great inconvenience brought on to the other passengers.



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