People Speak Out Against Government On Rights To Soda Size

I saw this little segment on the evening news yesterday regarding the size of sodas to be served in restaurants. It wasn’t so much the news article that impressed me, but the responses from viewers that posted on FOX news facebook page. Americans are starting to get so fed up with our government that they are finally posting their opinions publicly! So,here is what I saw on the news yesterday.

The mayor of Cambridge, Massachusetts has proposed limiting the size of soda and sugar-sweetened beverages sold in city restaurants. Citing diabetes and obesity as increased risk, limiting beverage sizes will apparently solve the problem. Where did she get this fabulous idea? From Mayor Bloomberg of New York City who has a similar proposal. His proposal is that no licensed food service establishment could serve beverages in a container larger than 16 ozs. REALLY?


So this Cambridge proposal is what the news article was about. What I loved are some of the responses. Go Citizens Go!!! We can’t put up with this Sh!t!

Chuck C.
This has less to do with public safety and more to do with government control. Start by testing the waters with smaller things like regulating our food. It’s happening all over the country. When society adjusts to the smaller changes that’s when the larger changes get set in motion.

Cornelia C.
really? beer and wine have way more calories…why not ban them? what is wrong with the “government” trying to micro manage people’s lives...all because they cannot fix the real problems…you know…drugs, tobacco, drinking, sexual predators, corruption…..yep let’s blame Pepsi for all the woes and ban that instead!

Paul N.
Pretty much exactly what I was gonna say. People are becoming Brain-Dead! They allow the Government to do this kind of thing and think its great. They just don’t see the much bigger picture here. Keep the friggin’ Government out of our personal lives.

Jennifer S.
This is just as stupid as the whole Mc Donalds incident with the super size! I personally drink more than 2 2 liters of soda a day and I do not have diabetes or obesity and in case the other comment is about to come out yes I do have all my original teeth! If people have issues with their weight or diabetes then it is up to THEM NOT to use the product. Why take from everyone when it is only a few stupid people that mess it up for the rest.

Just like the super size issue and obesity. They took our rights to have more all because some self indulgent slob doesn’t want to say no and then wants to shift the blame. This is unconstitutional and is a violation of our rights of freedom. The lazy slobs should be punished not the product cause NO ONE TOLD THEM TO BUY IT! Stand up for what you are/aren’t doing right. Don’t blame it on items that you don’t have to purchase and let the rest of us enjoy our life as it is!

Paul S.
Are we a FREE state or becoming a policed state? If you cannot control your children or your own habits let the state do it, or maybe I will just buy 2 of the smaller bottles of soda DOES THAT MEAN I WILL GET ARRESTED? What next? How will the environment handle that all the extra small bottles – These Politicians have so much time on their hand to deal with this B—–SH1t maybe they should start working on the problems in the towns more.

Georgia M.
when are people going to be held responsible for their actions and when is the government going to stop telling us what to do?

Jacqueline C.
Another freedom taken away. This country has been hijacked and our freedom has been stolen!


As a prepper, I believe that there are some very tough times ahead of us. But to see that people are starting to stand up and speak up gives me a little glimmer of hope. It’s not a glimmer of hope that the bad times won’t come, but a glimmer of hope that perhaps more people will prepare. By the way, FOX news did a poll asking, ‘Do you think restricting soda size will reduce obesity?’ 95% of people that responded answered NO and only 5% of people that responded answered ‘yes’.

Sticking up for your rights as American citizens is part of your survival. Your rights that our founding fathers fought to give you. Don’t let them be taken away!

God Bless America!


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