Record US 220 Billion Dollar Monthly Deficit


Two Hundred Twenty Billion Dollars.


A stack of one dollar bills that rises 13,860 miles high. Thirteen Thousand Eight Hundred Sixty miles high. That is 70 times higher than the Space Shuttle flies. Get it? One month. Thirty days of the United States government in the hole.

220 Billion dollar bills laid end to end would be the length of 21,340,000 miles. That is twenty one million miles long! 89 lengths from here to the moon. Forty Five round trips to the moon! One month US spending deficit.

How much is your dollar worth? Who will pay for this? How will this effect you? Does money grow on trees? Well, actually it almost does. It is simply paper, backed by nothing. You slave your life away for it. Paper. They will simply print more of it. Think.

220 Billion Dollar Budget Deficit In February

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