Run On The Banks

Cyprus Run on the Banks

Cyprus, an island Republic of nearly 1 million people, only represents a very small fraction of the Eurozone financials; but look at the shockwaves that have been sent through the system while the recent 10% Confiscation of private bank account money unfolds…

The bankster elite have gotten away with so much, for so long, and with no consequences, that they are now emboldened to simply take YOUR money… in broad daylight, right under your nose. The ‘YOUR’, for now, are those with private bank accounts in the Cyprus banking system. Most of you know by now that they have declared a Bank Holiday over there, and while the banks are closed, they are robbing them blind…

This dictatorial move by the Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) of the European Member States and the International Monetary Fund organization of 188 countries (IMF), is a stunning assault that is sending shock waves across the developed world.

If on a Friday night, they can steal 7 to 10% of the savings from private bank accounts in Cyprus, what will they do next and where will they do it? Why should people even keep money in a bank? This has definitely been a trial balloon to see if they can get away with it, but the thing is, they may have started a bank run…

The main stream, as usual, is blurring the reality. They are calling it a tax. It is in reality, a CONFISCATION. They (the main-stream-media) are emphasizing the apparent money laundering of Russian money in Cyprus and insinuating that this aids in the justification., etc. The reality is, they are stealing 10% of private money. Period.

A chief economist of one of the largest German global banks is now calling for a 15% confiscation of money in private savings accounts and ‘financial assets’ held in Italy. Excuse me… they are calling it a ‘tax’.

Folks… this is just the beginning. The world is run by global elite banksters, and they are coming for your money.

To illustrate how precarious the entire global financial system is right now… this Cyprus bank grab (again, a small fraction of the overall Eurozone financial mess) has already caused a large spike in gold as of this posting, as others around the world understand the consequences and what this means for the future.

You might want to get used to the term, ‘Bank Holiday’, and it’s not the kind filled with parties and fun…

You may remember the balloon being floated last year about possible government takeover of U.S. 401K’s and IRA’s, whereby the government will replace these funds with U.S. Treasuries (to keep the Ponzi scheme going a little while longer). While you may have thought this was pure conspiracy, it is not beyond the realm of possibilities in our future.

A few more thoughs…

Cyprus is not even in terrible economic shape like other countries are… and look at what happened.

There is now talk of confiscation of 15% financial assets in Italy. Next will be Spain, then Portugal, then…

The U.S. is in a false recovery due to money printing and other such schemes.

Other nations are beginning to, or will be trading oil outside of the dollar. Russia-China-India-Iran, and others are/will-be teaming up.

Interest rates are kept at 0.25% by the FED while people cannot save to keep up with inflation (disguised in many ways).

The Stock Market has been pumped up to a huge ‘un’-reality because of Quantitative Easing to Infinity.

The Stock Market Is Highly Leveraged on Margin, just like the Derivatives, and the False Housing and Auto Markets.

The Job Market Stinks, despite the False unemployment figures which do not include those who have dropped off the rolls.

Nearly 50 million Americans on Food Stamps… If it were not for the Electronic aspect of redeeming food stamp money, it would look like a full-on Depression here in America as these 50 million people line up in food lines to get their food. Please think about that statement and realize how this is being masked compared to our last Depression.

The FED is printing $85 Billion every month. Every month. The ‘Sequester’ that we have been hearing about in the mainstream is ONLY $85 Billion and they cannot even sort that out… it’s a drop in the bucket compared to the money being printed month after month…

If the Bankster attempt of Confiscation fails (the attempt to shift the direct burden to private citizens and their money), then Quantitative Easing to Infinity will become set in stone forever, until the end.

There has NEVER been a Fiat currency in History that has not ended with a collapse and worthless currency. Ever.

The Dollar is backed by Nothing. Except threats.

This will not end well in the end. Margin calls will Crash the Stock Market. Inflation will rise. The Dollar will depreciate. Unemployment will go back up (even the False numbers). Foreclosures will go back up. Auto Repo’s will increase as they’ve been giving loans to any one who walks in the door.

The national debt, unfunded liabilities, and world debt is SO ENORMOUS, it will NEVER, EVER, be paid back. It is mind mindbogglingly massive.

” We’re Broke ”

the end…

UPDATE (from King World News Blog):
Eric King: “I have to ask you [former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury] about Cyprus and what’s happening over there, the chaos that’s developing. Your thoughts?”

Dr. Roberts: “What we are seeing, as in Greece, is the response to the effort to make the public responsible for the mistake of private banks. In Greece they forced the people to have wages cut, pensions cut, social services cut, public assets sold off, in order to cover the losses of banks.

In Cyprus they are trying to make the depositors in the banks bear the burden of the adjustment. In other words, the whole EU approach is to save the banks from their mistakes and impose the cost on the public. So in Cyprus the Parliament refused to vote for it. What’s happening right now is their arms are being twisted….

“They (the Cypriot government officials) are being told all sorts of dire things will happen if they don’t vote for this. You may remember that the Secretary of the Treasury of the United States went to Congress and said, ‘If you don’t give us $750 billion to bailout the banks there will be Martial Law.’

Well, they are pulling all of that kind of stuff now in Cyprus. Whether or not they will succeed in buffaloing the Parliament, or whether the Parliament will stand with the people remains to be seen. Now if the Parliament stands with the people it will give more courage to the Parliaments in Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and elsewhere, where efforts will be made to force the public to pay for the mistakes of the banks.

If they don’t stand with the people, there will be more political and social unrest and more discrediting of governments. What’s happening is governments are revealing that, even if they are democratically elected governments, they do not represent the people. They only represent a very few, very powerful folks. This of course destroys any confidence in democracy. That’s really what we are seeing. That’s the biggest crisis.”


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