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Fat, Dumb, and Happy
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Only one out of the top Google searches during the past two days has anything to do with the ‘real’ world. ALL of the rest that are listed in Google Trends ‘Hot Searches’ of the internet are related to Sports or Television/Entertainment.

What does this tell us about us?

Today’s top interests of the masses…

Dancing With The Stars (TV)
Sergio Garcia (Sports)
Paul George (Sports)
Miranda Kerr (TV/Celebrity)
Brian Urlacher (Sports)
Bruins (Sports)
Xbox One (TV/Entertainment)
NBA Mock Draft 2013 (Sports)
Alice Eve (TV/Film/Entertainment)
Call of Duty Ghosts (TV/Gaming/Entertainment)
Kevin Durant (Sports)

…and the one search that is relevant to the real world, the London attack.

11 out of 12, or 92% of searches have to do with Sports or TV/Celebrity. This is not an anomaly; it is the normal trend of what people are apparently interested in from day to day.

As long as the majority of the sheeple are kept fat and happy with their fill of sports and entertainment, and so long as they are able to plump and feast on fats and sugars, they will be adequately misdirected from the noose that is slowly tightening around their necks.

I personally have nothing against sports and entertainment, as I do enjoy a game or two and my evening allotment of TV entertainment… What amazes me though, is how the apparent majority is so consumed with it and are seemingly interested in nothing else. Life for most consists of their job, talk of sports, celebrity and entertainment, and their 2-week annual vacation… while the issues of those who govern them, those which will affect their lives and livelihood… are not interesting or concerning.

Until issues actually bite them in the arse, they are of no concern. So long as they are fed and kept fat, dumb, and happy, the powers-that-be can continue to bleed them for all they’re worth…

I know that it’s not always easy to be interested in, or to remain interested in grave issues of the day, but without enough participation – we are all being taken advantage of, and are all going down together. The only question is, who is better prepared for the take down?


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