Shooters Vitriol leads to Arizona Shooting



The word, vitriol, is flying about the news reporting today as the motive behind an Arizona shooting where a “Loony” tragically shot and killed six people in a Safeway grocery store parking lot in Tuscon on Saturday, including a Federal judge and an Arizona congresswoman who is clinging to life at this moment.

Looking up the definition of vitriol online, it reads, “abusive or venomous language used to express blame or censure or bitter deep-seated ill will”.

Reading the news reports and watching video commentary on this tragedy, it is plain and sad to see how so many are “using” the tragedy to highlight their own political agendas. Blame is being thrown around ranging from the Tea Party movement, to Sarah Palin,to the Right Wing Republicans, to the 9mm Glock itself.

The shooter evidently purposely targeted the congresswoman and the judge, while other bystanders were caught in the cross-fire and rampage of the psycho path. It is plainly evident that the shooter, 22 year old Jared Loughner, is to blame, not a political party. His actions prove he is a messed up kid, a “loony”, a psycho, with crazy thoughts running through his head.

Having purposely targeted who he did, with apparent deep-seated (or psychotic) ill will towards the congresswoman, the vitriol definition seems to fit here.

It is an unfortunate fact of life and a fact of the odds based on the sheer numbers of our population that there will always be some number of nut cases around us.

The tragedy will worsen if agendas are fulfilled by using this horrible incident to clamp down further on liberty. Instead, let’s keep our heads and send this murderer through the courts and give him the fate and punishment that he deserves.

Update, consequential fallout,

In wake of Giffords shooting, the mere act of questioning the government now being demonized

“The Guardian” blaming rightwing rhetoric in US

Communist Manifesto and Hitler’s Mein Kampf were favorite reads of killer

Carolyn McCarthy Readies Gun Control Bill

abc News insinuating Sarah Palin and “Crosshairs” ad provoked killer

New law, Federal crime to use improper language or symbols towards a congressperson or official

Federal Internet ID for all Americans

Arizona Sheriff investigating shooting blames Rush Limbaugh

Chris Mathews, MSNBC, cites Michael Savage

Representative Brad Sherman (D-CA) says Rhetoric will cause the next shooting

Governor Chafee (RI) bans talk radio for state employees

Lawmakers consider new curbs on incendiary speech


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