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Terrorist Brigades of 6-year old Girls

April 12, 2011, by Ken Jorgustin

TSA-Thousands of Sexual Assaults

At least in America, this is the apparent future.

Does this government agency, the TSA and Homeland Security really believe that the potential enemies (‘terrorists’) are perhaps brigades of 6-year old girls?

When I see this, and other videos like this, it makes my blood boil. It is so wrong. What do you think is going through this girl’s mind during this TSA ‘procedure’?


Modern Survival theme? Risk awareness – the psychological risk to your child, the indoctrination that the ‘government authority’ can intrude your space like this. How about choosing not to fly. Don’t subject your children to this. It’s sick, pathetic, and perverted. In my opinion of course.

Just bringing it to your attention.

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