The Bullshit Meter Is Pegged In Today’s World Of Deceit


Pure and simple, there’s a lot of bullshit going around these days in the political arena, the financial arena, and mainstream news media arena.

Deception and managed perception is all around, and it’s there to distract you, to misinform you, to obscure harsh realities, to muddle, disorient, and to complicate…

The bullshit meter shown above is pegged. Wouldn’t you agree that we’re awash in the stink?

While many of us here are able to see and smell it, the mainstream media (who’s ‘job’ it is to be a thorn in the side of government, to expose untruths for the greater good of an informed America, etc..) are inept to challenge all the crap that’s ‘fed to us’ on a daily basis by those who wish to cast illusions. In my estimation they are either colluding with the illusionists, or they are lazy apathetic sloths.

A free press was established by our founding fathers to inform the electorate and arm them with the truth in order to make the best choices to “…form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our posterity,…”

Today’s press could not be further from their founding principles while they focus on mostly irrelevant bullshit and ignore their sacred trust granted to them by the First Amendment. On the other hand though, you’re kept fully up to date with live broadcast imagery of the latest snowflakes falling in America, the deepest puddles that are forming from today’s heavy rainfall somewhere in America, or the latest video of a Hollywood actor or actress spouting out some political drivel (because they are after all – qualified in such things).

Or how about this one… “The economy is roaring ahead with record low unemployment, and the stock market is at record highs due to such rock solid foundational support, and all things financial could hardly be any better in America right now…” You get the idea, and you know exactly what I mean. We’re spoon fed a bunch of nasty tasting nuggets of excrement (pardon the visual) while the lazy couch-potato masses lap it up…

Instead of presenting an unbiased presentation of all the pertinent facts and ‘real’ news stories of what ‘really’ is going on beneath the deceptions, the news media focuses on distractions and false propaganda sources – seemingly to fill an agenda. Some are worse than others, but when the press is mostly focusing on cooperation with the government and the messaging thereof, what do we have?

Seriously, what do we have then? (Please answer below).

This will lead nowhere good – as the public at large is mostly uninformed to the truths behind the dangerous perceptions which are keeping them ignorant and worse – asleep.

Instead the press should be sniping at the heels of these politicians, the president, the congress, the so called ‘leadership’, the judicial system, the institutions of our economy, the status quo, (and all else) with pertinent challenges to their twisted words and actions – especially when they go against the grain of our countries health, founding principles, ideals of personal liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (apparently dirty words these days).

So, let’s hear from you if you’re in a ‘ranting’ mood 😉

What are your opinions regarding this or other bullshit we’re being fed these days – which have caused the bullshit meter (shown above) to peg… ?

I’m all ears…


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