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The Coming Weeks Will Be Rife With Civil Unrest

November 17, 2014, by Ken Jorgustin


While we wait for a jury verdict in Ferguson Missouri, and as a state of emergency is declared by the Missouri governor who has activated the National Guard, and while violent radical ‘professional’ agitators and protestor activist groups have come into the area and have organized and are ready to rumble – Obama is also set to unleash a series of executive orders in the coming weeks on amnesty for illegals.

Others are in place and waiting around the country to ‘burn it all down’ in select major cities following the verdict – all the while the administration will be signing off executive orders for amnesty amidst the chaos.

I have a feeling that the coming weeks are going to be filled with civil unrest…

Did you know this? The day after the November elections, Obama met with Ferguson activists. Yes that’s right. Check it for yourself. The meeting was spontaneous and not on his schedule. This is what he said to these same radicals who are about to blow up Ferguson – “stay on course.” That’s right, that’s what he said.

It seems that the president WANTS civil unrest and is actually encouraging it. Why? Is it racially motivated? Or is it a cover for a distraction while he uses his pen for amnesty for illegals during the same time while cities burn from the Ferguson verdict and consume the news cycles?

An executive order on immigration will ignite a firestorm.

Will civil unrest boil over even more when these executive orders start coming off his desk – upsetting a much larger percentage of the population who are against this? I don’t know… but this is why I have the feeling that the coming weeks might be rife with unrest.

Obama, the community organizer, is apparently about to give the middle finger to the majority of the American people who oppose this. Is he about to provoke and piss off a sleeping giant? Stay alert.

What do you think?