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The Presstitute Mainstream Media

November 1, 2013, by Ken Jorgustin


To inform people is hard slugging. Everything is lined up against the public being informed. News is contaminated by its service to special interests and hidden agendas. Economists tell lies for corporations and Wall Street. Truth tellers are slandered and persecuted. In the long-run, truth sometimes emerges. But not always. And not always in time…

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, says, “The only advice I can give is that when you hear the presstitute media smear a concern or explanation as “conspiracy theory,” have a closer look. The divergence between what is happening and what you are told is so vast that it pays to be suspicious, cynical even, of what “your” government and “your” presstitute media tell you. The chances are high that it is a lie.

I couldn’t have said it better myself… I suggest that you take his advice.

-End Of Message (short & sweet)