The Truth in News

February 1, 2013, by Ken Jorgustin

The Truth In The News

“The further a society drifts from truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.”
~ George Orwell

Many of us have a feeling that something out there in the world (and in our own backyard) is not quite right; in fact, your gut may be telling you that something is very wrong. That looming sense can be strong for those who go out of their way to seek the truth in the news… to investigate beyond the the main stream, to discover the sometimes terrible truths about what really is going on out there. It is analogous to taking the red pill (reference: ‘The Matrix’). Your eyes will be opened to more of the real world, likened to an Ostrich taking its head OUT of the sand and looking around… It’s like peeling layers of an onion. For most people, they only see the outside layer – what is presented to them. Once you begin to peel back the layers, you may not necessarily like what you see (or smell).

Most people see and hear just a few minutes of short video clips and sound bites from the main stream media news outlets each day. What they may not realize is that those precious moments have been very carefully crafted and scripted to shape your view and opinion of the world around you. If they look no further than that, then indeed their perception of the world IS the world of the Matrix as though they had taken the ‘blue pill’. Ever heard of the phrase, “You are what you eat”? Well it’s the same thing, but instead your world becomes what you’ve been shown and told on TV news or heard on main stream media outlet news break sound bites.

It really is a form of propaganda when you think about it. How is it that most people take it as truth, the things they see and hear during the 6 o-clock news? Why is there an assumption of trust and truth for the news anchor? Is it their looks, voice, and presentation? Did you know that they are simply reading from a teleprompter? Did you know that they did not write the script? Who is it then who decides what it is that should be important to you of all the thousands of goings on each day in the world? Who is it that chooses the words and the angle of the story being presented? Next time you hear the entry music that immediately precedes the network news, listen to it… it is a deliberate ‘jingle’ that is orchestrated to sound very official, if you know what I mean… Very powerful, yet subliminal.

I believe that the main stream news media is in no way like it was many years ago. They really do not challenge the establishment anymore. They go along, to get along. For the most part, in my opinion, they are linked with the corporate-government enterprise to propel forward the agenda that ‘the powers that be’ need you to accept. Much of your opinion regarding matters outside your daily realm are shaped by the main stream media whether you realize it or not. The government-media complex is a very powerful living breathing thing.

A better way to keep informed of current events and happenings around the nation and world is to expand and diversify your news sources. Do not rely solely on watching 30 minutes of the evening network news from one of the alphabet channels. And it doesn’t count to simply watch more than one of the alphabet channels because they mostly read from the same script and push the same few stories with much of the same slant.

Although you will need to have an open mind, today’s internet is loaded with a tremendous wealth of ‘food for thought’ on countless issues, topics, alternative news, and commentary. Some of it is good, and some of it, not so much. It is up to you to separate the difference. For the most part, it is human nature to recognize the truth, because it has a particular ‘ring’ to it. Your gut will tell you. The thing is to diversify and don’t get trapped in just a few sources of information. Go wide. The more sources at your disposal, the likelier it is that you will get closer to the truth and/or the real issues that may be important to you, or at least a wider perspective of the world around you than that which a main-stream media outlet is telling you.

Bookmark interesting sites, read the articles, comment on articles, build up your internet browser folders with organized bookmarks, subscribe to RSS feeds, check the website you’re visiting for links or a blogroll to other sites. The more sites you visit and read, the more diversified your knowledge will become. It’s easy to get hung up on a few favorites, but once in a while look beyond so as to better round your opinions.

You see, the fact is there are more and more people checking out alternative news on the internet… and the main stream media (and the government-media-complex) knows it. This is why they have been attempting to garner more control over it (the internet). You will likely see more of these attempts in the future (disguised as necessary precautions to save us from cyber threats or terrorism I’m sure…) as they slowly lose their grip of you seeking out sources other than their own willing accomplices at the alphabet channels.

What do you think about all this? Is there truth in the news today? Where do you get your news?