TSA Gropers Show Compassion?


Does the TSA have a heart? Is the TSA finally coming to their senses regarding the groping of passengers? Well, I will let you decide after you read about what we heard on the CBS news the other night. Have these gropers developed compassion?

I doubt it!

So, on the CBS news was a little snip-it about the latest from the TSA. Starting this coming Monday, the TSA and Homeland Security are cutting a break to people that are 75 years old and older. Starting this coming Monday, in a few certain airports such as Denver, Orlando and Portland, people that are 75 and older will be allowed to keep their shoes on, along with their outer clothing. If this goes well, it may become national at all the airports.

YEAH! WHAT GREAT NEWS! (right?) The TSA will still grope the ‘privates’ of elderly people, but they will be able to keep their shoes on! Oh, yeah, AND their jackets or sweaters!

Ken looked at me and said jokingly, “What is this? Is the TSA actually getting some compassion?” I looked at him, and gave him my simple response. I said “Hell no, it’s simply because elderly people must’ve been holding up the lines too long!” Seriously, if the TSA was getting any compassion then why wouldn’t people under the age of 10 be allowed to keep their shoes and Disney princess jackets on? I’m telling ya, their reason for this change has nothing to do with terrorism. Elderly people, (no offense please), move slow. Period. Things like arthritis, knee replacements and hip replacements are a few things that slow them down.

And just who decided on the age of 75? Why not 65? Hey, wait a minute, isn’t the TSA discriminating now?

This whole naked scanner thing is just ridiculous. I can remember when being an American citizen meant you had rights, such as privacy.

So in summary, the highly qualified and educated TSA personnel will still grope toddlers, adults and the elderly people, but if you are 75 or older, you can keep your coats and shoes on while they’re doing it!

I am an American. I want my rights back!

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