TSA Wants To Test Your Drink — At The Gate

The article [below] was originally posted early July when I first heard about the TSA now testing your drinks INSIDE the airport security perimeter – even though the drinks were purchased inside the secure zone. Now it is being reported on again (Drudge & InfoWars) as someone has recorded the process in action at an airport terminal. I watched the video below in amazement. The DHS is trying their best to ‘normalize’ this type of thing…

The accounting of the incident in the video below by the person who filmed it:

While waiting in the Columbus OH airport for our flight to Oakland, I couldn’t help but notice the two TSA women that were “testing” any and all liquids that people had in their hands. Now remember that this is inside the terminal, well beyond the security check and purchased inside the terminal…just people waiting to get on the plane. My wife and son came back from a coffee shop just around the corner, then we were approached. I asked them what they were doing. One of the TSA ladies said that they were checking for explosive chemicals (as we are drinking them). I said “really..inside the terminal? You have got to be kidding me”. I asked them if they wanted to swab us all. She responded with something like, yes sometimes we need to do that. I then asked if she wanted a urin sample…none the less, the TSA is way out of control. I understand that my ranting to one of these $11.00 per hour TSA goons probably does nothing, but you have to say something. Whats next…perhaps the TSA will come to your home prior to your drive to the airport? The police state of the US is OUT OF CONTROL!


I saw the headline this morning (DrudgeReport.com), and was again astounded by this latest action taken by the TSA. Even after passengers have checked through security, and purchase a drink inside airport security, their drink will now be subject to ‘test’.

Reported by KJCT.com, Grand Junction, Colo., “The TSA would not say what they are testing for or why they are doing it, but travelers say they have a right to know.” “We asked the TSA about the drink testings and they said, TSA employees have many layers of security throughout airports. Passengers may be randomly selected for additional screening measures at the checkpoint or in the gate at any time.”



Government violation of the unalienable right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures without just cause or a warrant.

Submitting is not the answer. We need to take very strong stances. Voice our concerns over and over again. We talk and we moan and groan, but we dont call our reps. If we did it might help.

Beat the General Population into SUBMISSION is the entire mission of the TSA.

The mission of the TSA is to preserve THEIR OWN JOBS. From the director to front line gropers – all they intend to do is find boogey men to target with their growing budgets. And THEY WILL find more boogey men. Even if it means unconstitutiuonal searches of you on the highway in your personal vehicle. It’s coming.

Strict control on internal travel is THE hallmark of a police state.

Goodbye Freedom; hello Tyranny.

It’s all theater designed to throw people off balance, ostensibly because this will help them identify the “bad” people, but really it’s just to make people accustomed to being obedient

Just watch – when the TSA can’t find enough boogey men to justify their bloated budgets, they’ll start demonizing mainstream Americans who do things like own guns, speak out against a growing, intrusive government. Oh wait, they’re already doing that!

Whoa…whoa…whoa…swabbing the lid of a drink…isn’t that how they test for DNA????? Bingo!!


What do you think about all this? How far will TSA go??


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