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We Are Living In An Idiocracy

March 28, 2014, by Ken Jorgustin


We as a people are becoming so dumbed-down, so lacking intelligence or good judgment, so stupid, so dull-witted, so lacking of common-sense – sensibility or reasonability, that you might say we are living in an Idiocracy — a land of idiots. Sheeple.

The examples are endless. I see them every day while out in public and I see them every night on the evening news. Examples of our Idiocracy.

Many of you reading this rant know exactly what I mean — without even having to site an example. You see it too. It has permeated our schools, our work force, our so-called leaders and politicians. Countless rules, laws, and ideologies are being shaped into this seemingly insane shape of Idiocracy — being forced upon those of us who can still reason. It’s damn frustrating…

What has happened to common sense? The sound and prudent judgment based on a simple perception of the situation or facts? It seems that many are lacking the proper perception of many a situation and lack the judgement thereof. Unfortunately and apparently common sense does not come naturally for many because their upbringing and life experiences have warped their perceptions.

The following 8-minute video from Melissa Melton of TruthstreamMedia.com sums up a few recent examples of our Idiocracy which I could not have stated better myself.

Video link

Every day there are examples of the absurdity.

Here’s one that I just came across:
Massachusetts woman (with cancer) arrested for late payment of $5 dog license fee

Feel free to vent yourself and leave a comment with your own experiences!