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What Are Your Concerns For 2017?

December 22, 2016, by Ken Jorgustin

Our world is a changing place. Some of us designate time towards preparedness for change that might come our way…changes that might adversely affect us.

There certainly are plenty of risks out there – with varying degrees of likelihood, potential, and degree of impact.

The question for you is this… “What are your concerns for the upcoming year 2017?”


Lets get your thoughts on this, and I’ll update this post with a bullet-list from your comments…

UPDATE: In no particular order,

Having enough cash, cash flow
Economic collapse
The intentions of our current government
Orwellian legislation
Large scale power outage
International conflict, War
Nuclear war
The people who are NOT prepared
Media propaganda war (ongoing) to divide citizens
Inflation, hyperinflation
Adding more national debt
Globalism, World government control
Civil unrest, riots
Civil War
Rogue foreign powers
Influx of illegal immigrants
Natural disasters
Continued erosion of our rights and freedoms
The increasing divide in this country
Economic decline continues to gain speed
Decline in education, more people who don’t have a clue