What Comes First – A Western Default On Physical Delivery (Gold/Silver) – Or – WAR?


It’s coming together. The culmination of gold and silver price manipulation, the emptying of bullion vaults as physical moves from the West to the East, and a resulting monetary system crash as the mother of all crashes ends life as we know it.

One person who has been exposing the manipulation for decades, says it’s all going down in December.

You can always paper over a paper problem. But you cannot paper over a physical default.

“The forced selling and delivery of Gold to protect the currency was always going to deliver the buyer the ownership of the new world’s reserve currency. Unwillingly but knowingly they (the FED/BOE) have handed the baton over to China and Russia.”

The quote from a comment over at USAWatchdog.com (interview below), says it like it is. When the physical gold runs out, this time bomb (default on delivery) will implode the derivatives. Shut the front door. It will be the end of the world as we know it

The thing is, will the West allow this to happen without a fight to the end? No, they will not.

Over nearly the past decade I have casually self-educated in the area of gold (and silver) price manipulation – and how and why the price of these precious metals have been manipulated.

It is all part of the masquerade and deception that enables gargantuan mounds of debt to be swept under the rug (under other people’s rugs).

It has also become extremely apparent (for those who dig just a little beneath the surface) that China, Russia, and India have been accumulating massive amounts of PHYSICAL gold while the Western price-fixing has been held so relatively low via manipulation.

After all, who wouldn’t take advantage of this low price fixing? China takes some of it’s U.S. paper notes (U.S. debt that we’ve sold them) and exchanges it for real physical gold. The joke’s on us! While they’ve been accumulating as much as they can without upsetting the Apple Cart, the time is rapidly approaching where the Western gold will be no more.

This (necessary) gold price manipulation has played a significant role in holding the fragile Western system (of massive debt) together – but the problem is that the physical gold is nearly gone. Almost all of it has moved from the West to the East as they’ve been taking delivery of the precious metal – all part of China’s plan.

When true price discovery happens (at default – failure to deliver), the relative price (based on current monetary paper) will skyrocket. The problem with that is – this will lead to a complete collapse (of the current monetary system).

Will the West go down without a fight? No they will not.

This is why it is nearly a certainty that we are heading towards a major war. Not a war like Iraq or Afghanistan, but something that leads to World War. I have sensed that the West has been desperately trying to provoke a major war – and although they’ve been held in check, it is quite apparent that time is running short. The Western powers-that-be know this.

“War is definitely in the works. The world’s fascist elites will not sit idly by and let one hundred plus years of planning go by the wayside. I smell a major crisis in the air.”

Some firmly believe – that this will all come to pass – this year.

Do you sense the acceleration?

By December The Whole Thing Is Going to Collapse

Harvey Organ says the world is running out of physical gold and silver needed to suppress prices. Organ says when China and Russia disclose the true amount of gold they hold, there will be a price spike never before seen in the history of the world. Organ says, “You will see that you will go to sleep at night, and you will wake up the next morning and see gold bidding at $3,000 per ounce, and there will be no offer, and it will rise by $500 a day. It will come in 2014. They are running out, they don’t have it.”

The supplies for silver are even more strained and suppressed according to Organ. He says, “Silver is similar to what is going on in gold, but even better. In China, on September 22, they are going to have a futures market similar to Comex, but it will be in physical metal. You settle in physical metal. So, for the first time, you are going to see the pure price discovery mechanism work, and it’s going to be in total conflict to the crimes that are being committed on the Comex. Organ thinks silver will trade at “$200 per ounce” and says, “By December, this whole thing is going to collapse.”

Here’s the interview with Harvey Organ and Greg Hunter.
Watch the entire 30 minutes for full impact. I’m afraid this guy might be right…

Video link


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