What To Do When Told “Terrorists Ready To Attack”


While I am personally skeptical as to the sudden recent flood of reporting by the main-stream of a supposed new and credible ‘threat’, coincidentally during the same time in which Americans are pushing back against the government’s NSA and revelations that they are scooping up data and spying on ALL of our (and everyone’s) electronic activities… lets consider this… how can this information help us?

As ZeroHedge.com recently and cleverly translated the current situation…

“Please don’t panic… well, actually panic just a little bit, but thanks to the NSA’s pervasive snooping activity, in retrospect there will have been no need to panic, as any terror threats will have been promptly eliminated (except for those that sneak through the NSA’s dragnet like the Boston bombing of course). So all is well… but not really, which is why we are extending embassy closures for a little more, due to highly specific unspecified threats which we can’t reveal. Just know the threats are there. But thanks to the NSA, there is nothing to worry about. Unless there is.”

The truth is, we don’t know the truth, because evidently we can’t handle the truth (according to the NSA). So we are told to be ready, any day now, any minute now, the ‘terrorists’ are ready to attack… We can’t tell you who, when or where, but we can tell you that you need to listen to us, because the NSA knows something that you don’t…

Could it be a setup for a False Flag? This whole scenario stinks of just more coverup of the incompetence and scandals.

Oh, and by the way, Syria’s Assad had just banned foreign currency transactions. Could this be the REAL “terrorist” plot? Dumping that dollar really scares the banksters!

Get the sarcasm? Is there any truth to it?

Rather than go down the rabbit hole of the NSA spy scandals versus the recent ‘apparent’ threat to us all… let’s use this opportunity to examine what we can do ourselves rather than cowering while waiting for ‘something’ to happen.

Even if you believe this new threat is a bunch of hype, here are a few thoughts…

Use this ‘threat’ to realize and KNOW that it is in the best interest of the military industrial complex to have war. It’s apparently good for business.

Look at your food storage. How much food do you have and how long do you estimate that it will last you and your family?

If something ‘happens’ in the Middle East, you can be assured that the price of oil will skyrocket. Save a few FRN’s (Federal Reserve Notes – dollars) and fill your tank with gas, before the price goes up.

Know that IF the price of oil skyrockets, it WILL affect the price of nearly everything else, eventually. Better to consider getting that prep now rather than later?

Know that our entire financial system is on borrowed time, and the whole house of cards could tumble down quickly, potentially sending us all into a major financial crisis.

Whenever there is a threat of a threat, it’s always good to use that as an excuse to examine your own security. IF the government or police were not able to protect you, could you do it yourself? How?

Here’s an idea… go on living your life as you would normally, WITHOUT government-main-stream induced fear.

Realize that the government cannot protect and save all of you (in reality – probably very few of you). You must be prepared yourself with contingency plans for various forms of disaster or social chaos.

When ALL of the main-stream media is shouting the same thing, at the same time, it’s a good idea to be skeptical. Realize that much of the messaging is ‘directed’ and they are parroting the message sent down from above.

You’ve probably heard this before, but, “There’s no such thing as coincidences”. True?

There is absolutely nothing that you can do to affect the plans of the-powers-that-be, but there is everything that you can do to be better prepared yourself.

When doom and gloom is in the news, use it to motivate yourself to be more self-sufficient and less dependent on the systems that keep most of us alive. While you may not be able to eliminate all of your dependencies, the more that you reduce dependence, the more you will have a tremendous advantage should the SHTF.

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