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Why The Elites Want To Destroy The Economy

June 23, 2013, by Ken Jorgustin


I happened across this question and answer within a comment thread of another post, and decided to share it here…

While the question conjures up conspiracy, the answer may prove to be self-fulfilling regardless of conspiracy… as the earth and mother nature may have her own way with us…

Question: “The question that haunts me is what purpose does collapsing the US economy (and, hence the world economy) have? Why would the “elites” want to destroy the world in which they too live?”

Answer: “Depopulation.”

There are too many fleas on the dog so the dog’s health wanes.

Another analogy is that the tank has way too many fish traveling, breathing, eating and excreting and the air pump and filtration have been tweaked to well beyond the breaking point. The elites are the hand in the water chasing we fish about the tank. When the net shows up, there are always fewer of us left when it leaves, doing Lord only knows what to the fish the net took with it.

I especially find truth in the analogy, “…the air pump and filtration have been tweaked to well beyond the breaking point.”

This rings true with one of my motivations for general preparedness. The ONLY reason that this planet is supporting so many billions of people is due to the leveraging of systems that enable human beings to survive without actually having to provide for themselves. These systems exist all throughout aspects of our day to day lives, and many of them are entirely invisible to us and are maxed out. If any, some, or many of these systems fail, even temporarily, we are in for some deep do-do. Depopulation will be a natural result…

I will be curious to hear your viewpoint and a list of which ‘systems’ that you believe are “tweaked beyond the breaking point…”