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Edward Snowden Documentary Film ‘Citizenfour’ Receives Standing Ovation At World Premiere

October 12, 2014, by Ken Jorgustin

Citizenfour, Edward Snowden (Actor), Laura Poitras (Director) Rated: R (Restricted)

During its world premier at the New York Film Festival, the long-awaited documentary of NSA whistle blower Edward Snowden (chronicled-directed by Laura Poitras and produced by Stephen Soderbergh), Citizenfour, received a rare festival standing ovation.

The film’s theatrical release October 24 is expected to jolt the national conversation about privacy and security versus government overreach into our lives.

Here is the trailer (preview) of “Citizenfour”


We have written a number of articles here having to do with the revelations of NSA spying, Snowden, and government overreach into our private lives – much of it enabled by the Patriot Act and the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) while the NSA has ballooned into the enormous (gargantuan) data collection (and analysis) entity that it is.

I personally have strong opinions about all this (overreach), as I’m sure many of you do, and am looking forward to watching the documentary.

For now, know that every border you cross, every purchase you make, every call you dial, every cell phone tower you pass, friend you keep, site you visit, the subject line you type, is in the hands of a system who’s reach is unlimited but who’s safeguards are not.

-Edward Snowden

“It’s absolutely staggering and beyond what you can ever imagine,” Poitras said in an interview at the film festival. “There’s the scope and desire of collecting all of this data, and also the mentality that if they have all communications they have these repositories they can query later. It’s shocking, really.”

Snowden said in the documentary film, that he has made the decision to come forward because he feels there’s a great threat to the future of American free speech.
“The elected and the electorate have become “the ruler and the ruled.”