Feds Itching To Seize More Land


It’s the Marxist nationalization of America, one acre at a time. The government is getting ready to seize even more land to put under federal as well as UN control (see UNESCO).

If they control the land, they control the food and they control the people…

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

The Marxist moonbat Interior Secretary Sally Jewell, who has been on the job about 6 months, is touting the coming Jack Bootedness of the Obama Administration using conservation as a shield:

(emphasis added)

SAN FRANCISCO — Interior Secretary Sally Jewell says she will recommend…
that President Obama act alone if necessary to create new national monuments and sidestep a gridlocked Congress that has failed to address dozens of public lands bills.

Jewell said the logjam on Capitol Hill has created a conservation backlog…
and she warned that the Obama administration would not “hold its breath forever” waiting for lawmakers.

“The president will not hesitate,” Jewell said in an interview in San Francisco last week. “I can tell you that there are places that are ripe for setting aside…

-Los Angeles Times

And, the wicked witch of the West is right there in the fray too… Dianne Feinstein, who is not content to try and kill the Second Amendment, has turned her toxic gaze on an American land grab. Feinstein, Jewell, Brengell and others are pushing for a fascist bypass of Congressional power to take over the former Land of the Free:

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) has proposed sweeping legislation that would add thousands of acres…

The conservation community has a long list of places that it believes require protection…

Kristen Brengel, lobbyist for the National Parks Conservation Assn., said Jewell’s willingness to recommend that Obama act unilaterally, using powers granted to presidents under the Antiquities Act of 1906, ‘gives hope’…

The Antiquities Act gives presidents authority to set aside certain ‘valuable’ public natural areas as park and conservation land — a power generally residing with Congress. Presidents going back to Theodore Roosevelt have used the act to set aside natural wonders, including the Grand Canyon in 1908, which was later named a national park against the wishes of local officials.

But use of the act in recent years has sparked strong protest. Most notably was President Clinton’s decision to designate the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument in southern Utah in 1996, putting one of the nation’s largest coal reserves off limits to mining.

Although Obama is using some of this despotic overreach to name monuments after communists, such as the Cesar E. Chavez National Monument in Kern County, the real agenda is to bring an iron fist down on land ownership in the US and strangle our energy production. Say it with me… Agenda 21. As the feds get ready to seize even more land, Obama flips the bird to Congress, the Constitution and the American people.

Terresa writes for noisyroom.net


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