FEDs Relentless Assault On The NFL


The latest full assault by the FED on the nation’s most popular sports franchise, the NFL, comes as an unprecedented series of apparently warrant-less drug raids Sunday around the league as teams were raided by DEA agents at airports and stadiums around the country.

The Left’s War on Football just escalated.

“We come here to inspect you for the good of AmeriKa.” Hmmmm, sounds a little like 1984.

Do you feel safer now that Obama and his thugs are cracking down on those dangerous NFL players while our open border to the south enables drug cartels, drug runners, and terrorists to walk right in?

Instead ladies and gentlemen, our president’s DEA (under the Department of Justice controlled by the Attorney General) would rather slap down America’s favorite sport in a public spectacle of intimidation and control, perhaps until the Redskins change their team name to ‘Indigenous Citizens’. It’s simply stunning.

Comments I’ve read this morning about this attack:

What a waste of taxpayers money. It is interesting that they will raid the NFL but not the Academy Awards or the campus of our nation’s biggest tech company? Think you’ll find any drugs there?

This smells of a shakedown. Somebody at the NFL didn’t do what Obama told them to do, and so he is using the power of the federal government to make them pay. The government might as well leave a fishhead by the front door of the NFL league office, until they get the Redskins name changed. This is what liberals do, this is what they are all about. They have to control as much of our lives as possible because they think most people are too stupid to do it themselves.

The majority of Americans have no problem with football and the fact that there has always been a small element of drug use in all sports. It’s just the way it is. Why do we allow these idiots to dictate to us what our lives will be? Why? If they don’t like the game, then don’t watch it. Leave those who do alone!

The Government is a growing and dangerous monster that is eating The Constitution for a snack. The “teeth” of the new “heads” are the Federal “law enforcement” operatives – they are many and they are “sharp” because of technology and because of seemingly unlimited funds available to buy enforcement “tools”. I see nothing in the immediate future that will destroy this modern Hydra.

Libs are control freaks. They generally fail at guiding their own lives so they have to control the rest of us as a way of giving their lives some kind of meaning.

Nice that the Fed’s have the resources to attack the NFL while failing to protect the border – only in Amerika!!!!

Pot is Okay, but no painkillers for the NFL. What a joke. The panty waisted admin doesn’t like football because it lets men have competition.

250+ lb men that hit, throw and slam themselves into other very large intimidating men while all making a whole bunch of money have been rumored to take pain killers. What a shocker!

They’ll never go after soccer. It’s a socalist game. Only football it truely an American tradition.

I give football 10 years at the most. Football has become a pariah like hunting and playgrounds for kids and NASCAR is next.The Liberals have got the bit in their teeth and will not stop until every man in America wears panties and speaks with a lisp.

yep….it’s much, much easier to rule a bunch of overly emotional, metrosexual panty wastes than it is to rule a crowd of American men leaning forward and telling you to kiss their ass..

Checked bags on ‘suspicion’ of violating the controlled substances act? Did any of that checking involve probable cause, ergo a warrant – or is the DEA operating on a warrantless-wiretap kind of thing these days.

Meanwhile, the Mexican Kingpins are still busy counting the loot they scored as a result of what was walked across the Southern border on Sunday alone.

Obama is a JOKE. He IS the enemy, history will show that – and when I say history I mean this whole thing is going to come tumbling down within a few years.

This is part of a much larger multi-pronged campaign against football, on all levels, and by extension, against manliness in general. This was a type of P.R. move by federal control freaks plus it had an effect of creating just a little more anxiety among the owners. A spinoff benefit is creating apprehension in the minds of doctors not associated with sports. Federal micro-management is “on steroids”.

Welcome to soviet communist USA.


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