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Former FBI Agent Exposes Govt Spy Secret

May 5, 2013, by Ken Jorgustin

No digital communications is secure

A former FBI Counter Terrorism Agent has spilled the beans… Tim Clemente, who recently served on Washington’s Joint Terrorism Task Force, “dropped a bomb” on CNN as he exposed a a major government secret…

A secret that will shock some of you, while reaffirming it for others who already suspect it…

Big Brother is spying on YOU… they record EVERYTHING. “All Digital Communications”

While CNN was recently interviewing the FBI agent regarding a potential phone call made between Katherin Russell and her now deceased husband Tamerlan Tsarnaev (one of the Boston bombers), a shocking set of admissions were made…

“On the National Security side of the house, in the federal government, we have assets. There’s lots of assets at our disposal [chuckle], throughout the intelligence community. And also, not just domestically, but overseas. Those assets allow us to gain information and intelligence on things that we can’t use ordinarily in a criminal investigation, but are used for major terrorist investigations and counter intelligent investigations.”

“What are you talking about exactly?”

“[Sigh] I’m talking about all digital communications are uhh, (pause), …there’s a way to look at digital communications in the past. Um, and I can’t go into detail how that’s done or what’s done,

but I can tell you that no digital communication is secure, and so these communications will be found out, the conversation will be known…

They say they can’t use these “assets” in ordinary investigations (because they’re illegal). Except they are listening and recording it all anyway (ALL of your communications and digital signature activities). All they have to do is call it ‘terrorism’ and the laws fly out the window.

(You might be a domestic terrorist if…)

Do we honestly believe that they are doing nothing with this data that could be used in a manner that is less than legal?

Do we honestly believe that they are not profiling all of us?

In essence, they are tapping all of our phones (and everything we buy, browse, shop, say, search, or type on the internet or anywhere which requires a digital connection).

In the old days, a warrant was required to tap your phone line. Evidently today it is A-okay to do… No one is apparently resisting this.

“We see what you’re doing and hear what you’re saying.”
Big Brother, Big Government, Big Data

Can you say, “Tyranny”?

90-second CNN video segment…