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Gun Violence Is A Misnomer

December 6, 2015, by Ken Jorgustin


Editorial comment:

How often have you heard the phrase ‘gun violence’, over and over and over again – particularly by the ‘gun grabbers’ following any widely publicized murder rampage when a gun was used as the tool of choice by the murderer or murderers?

Gun Violence is a misnomer. Meaning, a misapplied or inappropriate name or designation.

Here’s why:

Every, all, and any gun in existence CANNOT shoot ‘by itself’. They are just hunks of metal and/or polymers. They are not alive and they will never, ever, shoot while simply setting in a gun safe, on a wall rack, or in a holster…

It is NOT gun violence. It is PEOPLE violence. The gun is a tool. Just like a knife, or a sword.

By constantly using the phrase ‘gun violence’, the sheeple are being programmed that guns are to blame. The thing is, words mean things. It’s how we communicate. Gun violence are two words that simply do not make sense when coupled together.

The ‘shootings’ (exemplified during the recent San Bernardino Jihad) are 100 percent to blame on the murderers. The ‘people’ or ‘persons’…not the guns. Some may argue with the logic that the ‘gun’ will enable more murders-per-minute than a Jihadist wielding a sword (if there were such a statistic), the point is, for meaningful change, we should be focusing on the murderer and the root cause of what inspired or led the murderer to murder…not their weapon of choice.

By focusing on the gun or guns, we are COMPLETELY ignoring the root cause.

For those who argue that if we just confiscated all guns then our problems would go away… think again. This will never happen in the United States. There are too many guns, too many law abiding gun owners, and it’s just the way it is and will always be (at least up and until a bloody civil war if an actual governmental confiscation attempt were ever made).

With that said, you must admit to yourself that a Jihadist, a terrorist, or a murdering criminal will ALWAYS be able to get a gun. Any new law or regulation will not stop them. You might argue that if we made it more difficult for them to get a gun, then that will help reduce murdering crime. Unfortunately the answer to that is no, it will not (reduce murdering crime). They will still find a way. Instead, any new laws and regulations will have negative effects on law abiding citizens themselves.

I suspect that our president will soon propose or Executive Order new ‘gun control’ regulations under the guise of ‘gun violence’ and our national security. This is the wrong road. Instead, we must shed our political correctness and begin profiling the murderers and the motives thereof. We need to go after root causes and make different choices about how we go about securing the citizenry.

That’s just my opinion…

What’s yours?