IRS Neural Networks Are Monitoring YOU

IRS Neural Networks are Monitoring YOU

The IRS is acquiring a huge volume of personal information on taxpayers’ digital activities, including for the first time ever, credit card and e-payment transaction records.

The agency reveals little about how it will engage its enormous new network scanning powers, but here is what we found out…

The IRS will start using what they call “robo-audits” of personal information on databases in government, and of “third-party” data.

“Private industry would be envious if they knew what our models are,” boasted Dean Silverman, the agency’s high-tech top gun who heads a group recruited from the private sector to update the IRS.

The IRS has brought in private industry experts to implement digital tracking, but with the added advantage of access to Social Security numbers, health records, credit card transactions and many other privileged forms of information and personal identifiers..

source:, IRS High-Tech Tools Track Your Digital Footprints

They recently assembled $350 million in high-tech tools to do a lot of tracking and analyzing what people do on the Internet.

They will use a massive automated parallel computer system that can analyze data from different networks to find irregularities, “suspicious” activities, or unusual behavior patterns.

They will sort and screen data in 32,000 categories of metadata and 1 million unique “attributes” while the system “learns” across “neural” networks.

They can quietly create a DNA-like code to understand the economic behavior of any individual.

This is sounding all too familiar as yet another agency of the federal government is found to be spying on Americans. There is an astonishing level of focus on American citizens, their activities, their behaviors, their spending habits, their profiles…

Of course NONE of this ever makes it to the main stream news. Our freedoms and privacy are being stolen right from under our noses while we ignorantly live our daily lives.

Do any of you remember this article… New NSA Spy Center in Utah? Have you heard anything about it in the mainstream? Of course you haven’t.

I continue to ask myself, “Why?” Why are they spying on us?
Answer… because they can. There is no resistance.

Agency after federal agency is implementing high-tech monitoring and database dossiers on every single one of us. We are all being profiled by computer algorithms that categorize us, classify us, and goodness knows what else… This goes way beyond the notion of collecting marketing and advertising data for industry… this is our government.

We really are not free by any stretch of the imagination.

Your next purchase of a 3-month food supply, for example might be the one that triggers a flag over at DHS, NSA, or now the IRS, that you might be a domestic terrorist…

Flags might be tripped if you purchase particular products, books or a magazine subscription that is considered fringe by the gov’t agency [fill in the blank]…

Flags might be tripped if you spend more than your typical profiled amount, or if you make a large purchase of [fill in the blank], or you travel outside of your typical perimeter of life…

These are just a few examples of the countless ways that you will be profiled based on your digital footprint.

Whether anything comes of it is another matter. Do you trust your government to build a profile on you? Do you trust that they will use your digital footprint only for good? (Define ‘good’…)

If there was ever a reminder to use cash for purchases, this is it; although this will be going by the wayside soon enough. As it is, you will trigger a suspicious flag if you withdraw more than $2,500 at a bank (there’s also a flag at $10K). Soon it may be $500. Then it may be banned outright… digital only.

In the meanwhile, we all just lounge on our soft sofas and watch TV… oblivious.


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