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Thanks To Your Congress, President May Now Use Fast-Track TPA Authority For Gun Control

June 25, 2015, by Ken Jorgustin


“A nightmare scenario took a giant leap toward reality on Thursday, June 18 when 218 members of Congress voted to grant the president ‘trade promotion authority (TPA),’ the so-called ‘fast track’ “, reports ‘TheNewAmerican.com’ (and many others).

With this new power, the president is free to unilaterally issue international executive orders that are binding on the United States, so long as those orders concern trade.

And this includes your firearms and ammunition…


Is there any question whether President Obama will use this new power over “trade” to implement the provisions of the UN’s Arms Trade Treaty?

President Obama remembers that not too long ago, 53 senators voted “to uphold Second Amendment rights and prevent the United States from entering into the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty.”

But guess what… now it doesn’t matter so much. Your Congress has just voted to relinquish much of their own powers regarding trade treaties and have granted the president unprecedented authority.

Gun-grabbing politicians ALWAYS take immediate advantage of any tragedy in which a psychotic shooter implements harm on others. We now have the Charleston shooting, and they’re at it again. Not only are the usual suspects politicizing the tragic event, but now we have United Nations joining the chorus of confiscators while taking advantage of the Charleston shootings. A United Nations ‘Working Group’ has just ‘demanded’ that “urgent measures” be taken to reduce gun violence. They now have a working president in their pocket, and one with new TPA powers.

Do you really think that the current president and his gun-grabbing cohorts will overlook the opportunity to shut down more of your firearm and ammunition choices (or worse) now that he has this new unprecedented power?

Will Americans once again acquiesce to President Obama’s assumption of illegal authority and relinquish their rights and weapons regardless of the reasons they should not do so?

Let’s hear from you. What do you think might happen (regarding ‘gun control’) as a result of the Charleston shooting and the president’s new TPA powers?

Information source: TheNewAmerican.com