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The Government Is About To Take Over The Internet

February 19, 2015, by Ken Jorgustin



President Obama, through his 3 appointed cronies in the FCC, has just declared ‘the internet’ a Title II utility under ‘the Communications Act’ – a government takeover.

The internet will not remain an open internet once the government essentially takes it over – and regulates it. When government bureaucrats and politicians get their hands on private enterprise (or pretty much anything) – in this case, the internet – it will cause great harm to an open Internet, competition, innovation, and eventually – FREE SPEECH – in my opinion.

You and I though, we had no say whatsoever.

It gets worse…

To make matters worse, ‘the most transparent administration ever’ (sarcasm) hid the regulations until it was approved! I’m not kidding. The 332 page regulation plan was kept from the public.

The vote (3:2) adopts ‘net neutrality rules’ that redefine broadband internet as a regulated, communications service – essentially a public utility.

Note: Get ready for a bunch of new federal taxes disguised as access fees on the service.

While the phrase ‘net neutrality’ may sound appealing – don’t let it fool you…

The surface issue at hand is that it (government takeover) will prohibit Internet service providers from playing favorites, for example by offering speedier service to some content providers over others.

In reality, these issues in the free marketplace work themselves out. When government steps in – well, most of you know what happens…

Billionaire Mark Cuban said the other day – “Net Neutrality Will ‘F’ Everything Up” and said he doesn’t want the FCC’s political appointees regulating the Internet. (I’m sure he’s not alone)


The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has voted to approve a wildly controversial Net Neutrality policy that will regulate and tax the Internet intensely, much like the old AT&T telephone monopoly. To help secure political support, Chairman Tom Wheeler made last-minute revisions at the request of Google.

It has now been reported that Google was uniquely given a copy of the 332 page document shortly before the vote, and allowed to offer tweaks to the rules that may be extraordinarily self-serving.

One senator, Mark Lee, has called the regulation a government “takeover” of the internet and says it amounts to a “a massive tax increase on the middle class, being passed in the dead of night without the American public really being made aware of what is going on.”

Underneath the surface, at issue (with me and many others) is the probability of eventual governmental restrictions on free speech. The internet has been an open place for anyone to express their ideas, opinions, and whatever else. It has literally re-shaped our insight as a people. While there’s always a bad element, the ‘good’ that an open internet provides has been revolutionary. Once our free voice is gone (regulated), it’s over.

While no-one can say one way or the other what’s in the 332 page regulatory plan (it’s under lock and key), and while it might not impose any current regulations on free speech or censorship (although it might), who’s to say that ‘down the road’ the regulations will not be modified to begin curtailing free speech?

One might be thinking that the government may have an interest in controlling what is said on the internet – given their dwindling mainstream news market share on propaganda TV, and I would say that you might be right about that (although they will never say it of course). Once dot-gov has their foot in the door – watch out…

In a world where the web is open and free, one man has a secret plan to seize control of the internet. He has a phone. And he has a pen. And he claims he has the power to do it.

The attempt by the Obama Administration to regulate the Internet as a public utility will take power away from consumers and small business owners, and places it in the hands of Government.

The Obama Administration has one of the worst records on privacy and freedom. Now the government wants the power to regulate your Internet and have the ultimate say in which websites are viewed. The White House is spiraling into a tyrannical “Big Brother” government, imposing regulations and monitoring what people can do and say. The Internet is just the last stop on the government’s mission to control free speech.

The new “Department Of The Internet” Helpline:


What can I do about it?

(UPDATE: It’s too late.)

There are 3 people to contact directly at the FCC who are apparently planning to vote in favor of government takeover (Title II) of the internet.

There are 5 FCC commissioners who will be voting on FEB-26. Two of them republican, three of them democrats appointed by Barack Hussein Obama.

1. Chairman Tom Wheeler (D) (heading up the vote on FEB-26)

2. Commissioner Mignon Clyburn (D) Email here

3. Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel (D) Email here

Find and contact your representative:

Demand that we see the 332 page regulation document BEFORE they vote, and/or insist that government stay out of the open internet in a free marketplace.

It is well worth your while to listen to the following audio segment from FEB-11 of the Mark Levin Show where it is described what’s going on and what is at stake. He has one of the FCC commissioners on the show who is sounding the alarm about this government takeover of the internet. We are only days away… Stop the tyranny…



FCC’s Ajit Pai:
Net Neutrality is a “Solution That Won’t Work to a Problem That Doesn’t Exist”

Did you know that the government commission will also be adopting a so-called “good conduct” rule to assess Internet practices? Who and what is the definition of good conduct? And to what extent will this apply? Say good-bye to a free and open internet in America… Do you care?

Do you know that there will be a new “Universal Services Fee” on your internet bill if this goes through?